Scenes From Pakistani Dramas That Are Too Similar

There are some scenes in Pakistani dramas that are repeated. These scenes and scenarios are usually used to take the story forward in a different direction. The similarities between these scenes are laughable at times because it shows the lack of creativity on the part of these drama makers. Some of these scenes also show a lack of sensitivity in some cases. These scenes can also easily be termed as convenient screenplay since these are tried and tested formulas that bring a major change in the plotline. In the recent dramas, we have been seeing certain trends. These similar scenes also represent such trends in dramas.

Here are some scenes from Pakistani dramas that are too similar.

Smart Phones to Create Misunderstandings

The makers of smartphones probably never thought of the ways these writers were going to misuse the technology. In every other drama, the negative character is shown making a video of the heroine to get her into trouble. Most often this video is used to create a misunderstanding and as proof of the infidelity of the wife who is actually doing nothing wrong. Such false accusations have recently caused the biggest and most bitter misunderstandings between the main leads. The formula is simple, it requires a smartphone, a negative character whose sole purpose in life is to get the person being recorded into trouble, and of course a man who does not trust his wife enough! Interestingly enough, this technology has not been used as often in dramas for good purposes, like catching the actual culprits!


Since Sabaat has every clichéd scenario in the book, it is no surprise that a scene from this drama is on this list. Atif managed to get ‘evidence’ of Anaya’s unfaithfulness while her boss helped her down the stairs since he was unwell. He recorded everything, showed it to her husband who was waiting for a reason to lash out at Anaya and that is how they were separated right till the second last episode of the drama. Misunderstandings now are backed by video recording in Pakistani dramas so that there is even more reason for these useless husbands to doubt their wives.

Tera Ghum Aur Hum

Tera Ghum Aur Hum is another drama that unfortunately has gone downhill. The writer is using every trick in the book to entice the viewers therefore this trick was also used to create a scenario similar to the others mentioned in the article. Sara records Mahi and her cousin in a situation that wouldn’t have been acceptable for Mahi’s husband Ali who also happens to be Sara’s cousin! This is another similar scene in which a negative character records the innocent wife doing something which will create a rift between the husband and wife.


In drama serial Nand, Goher recorded Farwa and Shahzaib in a situation that would lead to her husband eventually doubting her. Initially, her husband does not believe Goher but chooses to believe his wife. Gradually, however, this recording plays a major role in creating the misunderstandings between the couple and the effect of the recording was the same as all the other.

Negative Characters Going Insane

Pakistani dramas rely heavily on the negativity of the characters to ‘entertain’ the viewers. After showing this negativity from the beginning to the end, the most convenient way for the writers to end the story is to show that such characters lose their senses in the end. Instead of showing gradual and growth and changes, such endings are used as a quick punishment. The viewers find such endings frustrating to watch and the scenes showing such endings are all the same.


It can be safely stated that Titli was the first drama that started this trend. Naila was shown suffering in the last few episodes which led to this ending. The situation was shown repeatedly in other dramas also particularly with female characters who were either, greedy, materialistic, or shallow. This is the last scene of this final episode. Since this was the first time the viewers saw such an ending, they liked it. But now the trend has become too common!


Jhooti’s main lead Nirma stayed negative right till the end until everyone disowned her and she had no place to go. The man responsible for bringing her to this point once again faced no redemption but Nirma paid the price when she lost her senses. By giving such endings to these characters, the writers seem to force people to feel for them, which is not the best way to end such stories. There weren’t even any last conversations in most such scenes so this was the most convenient way to end the drama.


Balaa was yet another drama serial in which the last scene was too similar to the scenes in other such dramas. After showing how insensitive and evil Nigar could get starting from the first episode right till the last one, the writer ended her track the same way many others did! Do you see how similar this scene is to all the others? These scenes sent out the wrong message about all those people who are actually in mental asylum fighting serious mental disorders.

Divorces Out of Rage 

Unfortunately, Pakistani writers often sensationalize a sensitive issue such as divorce. Very often in dramas, we get to watch scenes in which men divorce their wives suddenly. Although these situations are different, sometimes the reasons are different too but the scenes are almost always the same. The background score and the overall atmosphere sensationalizes these scenes. All these divorce scenes have a lot in common especially since the way they have been shot is the same.


Meherposh definitely crossed all the limits of decency when it showed a man divorcing his wife on the night of their wedding. This scene involved mistrust, anger, and manhandling of the woman just like all such scenes.


Jalan’s divorce scene was sensationalized to the extreme too. Asfandyar divorces his wife and he also pushes her around just like the husband in Mehrposh. This was one of the most unpleasant divorces we have seen in Pakistani drama, although the competition is tough, unfortunately!


Nand is another drama which showed a similar scene and it won’t be wrong to say that as far as such scenes go, this one was also the most overdramatic one. The background score, the reactions, and the overall feel of this scene are not different from all the others.

Can you think of any other scenes in Pakistani dramas that were a little too similar? Share your views.


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  • Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat as well for showing an instant divorce of Samiya. And Zahid Ahmed’s character kept threatening an instant divorce to Ulfat in MTA. I don’t watch the show but I’m
    assuming he hasn’t gone through it but it’s quite sad how lightly it’s thrown around.

  • I think mostly ARY dramas have rubbish endings. Also ‘Hewaan’ faisal qureshi. Ending of a negative character in a Mazaar or losing legs in an accident should also be added in the list. Attiqa Odho’s character in HUMSAFAR started the trend of making the evil female mad in the end. All sins forgiven. stupidity

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