Shaan Shahid Shares Short Teaser For ‘Zarrar’

Seems like Shaan Shahid’s directorial venture Zarrar is finally set to see the light of the day this year. The film, which has been delayed for two years now, might have a 2020 release as hinted by a short teaser shared by Shaan Shahid himself on his Twitter.

Although the short teaser doesn’t given anything away albeit “2020” and the tagline “Men die, wars don’t die” showing Shaan injured and bleeding with a gun, it does state that its loading for release this year.

Directed by Shaan himself, the cast of Zaraar includes Shaan Shahid, Pinky Memsaab famed actress Kiran Malik, Nadeem Baig, Nayyer Ejaz, Adnan Butt, and Cyrille Mansuy.

Shaan Shahid Shares Short Teaser For 'Zarrar'

Shaan has collaborated with Hollywood based cinematographer Timothy Hallam Wood and has promised international level VFX and high octane stunts for the film.


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