Shaan Shahid’s #LetsBringOurPrideBack

Filmstar Shaan Shahid has always been vocal about his feelings. Shaan has always spoken from the heart and has never held back. Shaan is known for spreading love and positivity, but he has also never worried about the criticism in stating the truth. Shaan is very much active on social media and he interacts with his fanbase almost every single day.

Shaan has recently requested everyone from the film industry and sports community to stand together. Shaan feels that arts, sports and culture should come together because they are not provided with the required facilities in the country. He has urged everyone to support this cause. In the light of this cause, Shaan Shahid has started the Hashtag #letsbringoutprideback and he has been posting about those artists and sportsmen who he feels deserve the love and attention for their endless contribution to their respective fields. 

Shaan shahid 1

This Hashtag is a beautiful effort by Shaan Shahid to spread love and positivity and he has tried to divert the attention on the people who deserve appreciation and acknowledgment. In one of his tweets, Shaan Shahid has also lent support to Firdous Jamal, who is under attack all over social media after the remarks he has made about Mahira Khan. At first Shaan did support both Mahira Khan and Firdous Jamal equally but now he feels Firdous Jamal deserves respect for the body of work that he has done over the last 45 years. 

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These are the rest of the tweets Shaan Shahid has posted, remembering all the big names:

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 15 Shaan shahid 19

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