Khaas Episode 15 – Story Review

Opening Thoughts – Interesting:

Ohkay so, this episode of Khaas was a bit on the slower side but it did show how disloyalty & insincerity is the last thing one wants to see in a marriage. It is interesting how the writer has shown that two perfectly fine people can at times not shape a good life together because they are not on the same mental wavelength. The writing of Khaas has been very intelligent & this script is written beautifully. It has given attention to those issues which are never probably discussed because such problems are hard to explain, but the one going through it all knows what it is like being in this kind of a relationship.

Saba Let Ammar Know Her Decision:

Saba found out about Ammar & Salma. Saba decided to speak to Ammar about it but as usual, Ammar showed her that she didn’t hold any value or importance in his life because he didn’t bother coming back when Saba asked him to. Saba made up her mind that she had to do something about it by either speaking to Ammar or his parents. It is interesting to see that everyone blames Saba for everything but no one sees how hard she struggles to make this marriage work. Ammar has successfully painted a picture of Saba in front of everyone that she has an attitude problem, but has never once, like a man accepted his own shortcomings. Saba let Ammar know that this was something she will never approve of. Saba told Ammar clearly that she will not sit back & let him continue with cheating on her but then Ammar once again let her know that no one will believe her. Saba’s finality did shake Ammar a bit, he never expected that respect, loyalty & love mattered so much to Saba that she was ready to give up on all the luxuries because of those things. Saba let Ammar know clearly that these expensive gifts were basically a bait that he used to keep her mouth shut but she wasn’t going to take it anymore.

Saba spoke to Ammar’s parents. It was good to see that at least AMmar’s father knew that Saba was right. Ammar’s father tried to make Kanwal understand that Ammar is not the kind of a person she’d want for Nida herself. At least Saba seemed a bit relieved that someone in this family understood her predicament. Kanwal is blind to her son’s faults, she thinks AMmar is an ideal husband & Saba is just ungrateful but she is being biased & totally unjust in dealing with Saba. Farah has started seeing the problems but she has never once addressed them, neither in front of Kanwal nor in front of Saba but it has been shown subtely that ever since Saba’s miscarriage, Farah has started feeling for Saba & she does understand that being in a relationship with a man like Ammar is mentally taxing on her!

Nida decided to take her likeness for Fakhir one step ahead. She confessed & got rejected. Nida’s feelings have always been innocent & she confessed innocently & immaturely too but then again, she got bitter after the rejection & that is going to cloud her judgment. Nida won’t be able to differentiate between right & wrong from now on because all she understands is that Fakhir rejected her because of some girl named Saba. NIda has vowed that she will find out who Saba is to sntach Fakhir away from her, which means Saba is in trouble & she has no idea. Obviously, there’s nothing from Saba’s side but Nida has already sensed that Fakhir is in love with this girl & when she will find out it is her sister in law Saba, she won’t hold back & put an entire blame on her.

Saba once again spoke to Fakhir. She knows that of all the people, he understands the unspoken. Saba does not want to, but she finds herself drawn to Fakhir every time things get a bit too dense for her to tackle. Saba only relies on Fakhir for emotional support but for Fakhir, Saba means so much more but she has no idea. It was interesting to see how Ammar was now taking everything that Saba said to his ego. He could not believe that Saba threatened to leave him, this was something that further drove her towards Salma. Ammar is egoistic & he will do everything to let Saba know that she can not order him around. Ammar was obviously not thinking on those lines but since Salma initiated & Saba warned him, Ammar will now do the wrong. Sarwat Nazeer has written Ammar’s character brilliantly, he has so many layers & so many emotions which make it a treat to watch this character.

Closing Thoughts – Nicely Executed:

Overall, this episode was really nicely done. It is unfortunate that Saba is left alone & even when she will start complaining about Ammar openly, no one will understand her perspective. Saba’s family is not going to supportive too & that will obviously put Saba in a difficult situation too but she will fight for it. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Khaas.

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