Shaan Shahid’s ‘Yalghaar’ Delayed!

One of the most anticipated film, Yalghaar, that features an all star ensemble cast has been in the pipeline for over three years. The war saga, which was to be released in 2015 has been delayed time and again for a plethora of reasons. It was announced last year that the film will finally release on March 23, 2017.

However, the latest news surrounding Yalghaar is that it has been postponed, once again. A source close to the film confirmed to Instep that it has been delayed for reasons unknown.

“The shoot for the film has completed, everything else is done but we aren’t sure why it’s not coming out,” the source told Instep. “We were informed that it will release on 23rd March but now it is not.”

Yalghaar created a lot of hype ever since it was announced. It is said to be the most expensive films to be made in the history of Pakistani cinema. It stars Shaan Shahid and Humayun Saeed in the lead roles, who’ll face off as protagonist and antagonist. Aside from these two, the film also stars Adnan Siddiqui, Bilal Ashraf, Gohar Rasheed and Armeena Khan in pivotal roles.

The film is yet again postponed for unknown reasons and no new date has been announced. Till then let’s wait for an official statement from the makers. On a lighter note, Bilal Ashraf announced last night that the dubbing of Yalghaar is finally wrapped up.

Rimsha Butt