Shabnam Is Willing To Work In Pakistani Films Again

The evergreen film actress of yesteryear Shabnam is back in Pakistan for Karachi Press Club. While Shabnam is not working in local cinemas anymore but she can still break a million hearts with her smile and charishma.

One of the celebrated actress of 70’s is highly overwhelmed with the love she’s receiving from Pakistan which she considers as a home. When asked if she’ll like to work in Pakistani films once again, the Bangladeshi actress replied that she’s willing to work in Pakistani cinemas again. “Artists and sportspersons cannot be held back by borders. We build bridges for friendships. I was in Pakistan over four years ago, in 2012, and I was surprised that even the younger generation here knew about me. They wanted me to do films here, and quite frankly I have no issues with that,” she said, adding that if she finds good roles specially written with her in mind, she was definitely going to think about it.

She gave Pakistani cinema the most significant years of her life and will always be an important part of the industry. It will be great to see her back in the films, which will also promote better relationships with Bangladesh.

Rimsha Butt