Shahbaz Taseer And Maheen Ghani Parted Their Ways

Shahbaz Taseer was kidnapped for five years and his wife Maheen Ghani waited for him for five years long with patience. Shahbaz returned after five years of wait and the couple got together after five years.

Shahbaz Taseer And Maheen Ghani Parted Their WaysMaheen Ghani took to Twitter to share the heartbreaking news of their divorce. She shared how she has been through very difficult times and wishes for a good time ahead.

The reason behind this divorce is Shahbaz Taseer was caught cheating on his wife Maheen Ghani. Still, there is no official announcement by Shahbaz Taseer regarding the divorce.

Twitteratis were applauding Maheen Ghani for being the loyal lady. Many people came out to support Maheen Ghani for her courage and patience.

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