Shahid Afridi New Pictures With her Youngest Daughter Arwa

Being a father of a daughter is the most amazing and beautiful feeling in the world. They love you unconditionally and without any mean. Their love is pure for their parents, siblings, and the people who are close to their heart and that never changes.

Shahid Afridi is one of the luckies man who got blessed with five daughters. He often post pictures with them on Instagram sharing his inner feelings through heart-touching captions. Shahid Afridi is close to his youngest and adorable daughter, Arwa. His Instagram is full of her pictures and his fans are amaze to see such beautiful #daughterfather bond.

Scroll down to check out latest pictures of Shahid Afridi with his youngest daughter Arwa.

Shahid Afridi 1

Shahid Afridi 2

Shahid Afridi 3

Shahid Afridi 4

Shahid Afridi 5

Shahid Afridi 6

Shahid Afridi 7

Shahid Afridi 8

Shahid Afridi 9

Shahid Afridi 10


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