Shahroz Sabzwari Clears Everything About His Marriage with Sadaf

Shahroz and Sadaf’s nikkah has generated all sorts of controversies. From the common Pakistani to a number of media celebrities, a lot of people have been calling out Sadaf for breaking a home, referring to her as a home wrecker.

Also, Shahroz and Sadaf have come at athe receiving end of a lot of criticism for having tied the knot after divorcing his first wife.

Therefore, as he claims his right to defend himself and his family, Shahroz Sabzwari released a video statement.

Addressing the public, Shahroz clarifies that “infidelity” was never the cause of his and Syra’s separation.

“I swear by Allah, His Last Prophet and our Holy Quran, that when Syra and I separated back in August 2019, infidelity, cheating or Sadaf Kanwal was never the cause,” says Shahroz claiming he will defend himself and his family till his last breath.

“I met Sadaf after a few months of our separation and she was a colleague till then. Even the last video I made was also based on truth because Syra was still my wife and we were working on reconciling the differences,” added Shahroz further challenging anybody who could prove he cheated on Syra to come forward and say it in front of everyone.

Shahroz also claimed that he never wanted to divorce Syra but he did so because the differences in them couldn’t be resolved. “I never wanted Syra to take khula because it involved a lot of court and paper work so we mutually decided to part ways with dignity,” added the Chain Aaye Na actor.

On an ending note Shahroz added that he was making the video for the sake of his daughter, Nooreh. “After a few years, if my daughter questions me, I will be able to answer her that I had gone on record and challenged anyone who could prove I had cheated on Syra because of a woman and answer her,” said Shahroz.

Shahroz stated that he would protect his family, his wife Sadaf and himself till the last breath as he had decided not to be quiet and challenge anyone who said that he had cheated on Syra to prove it on his face.

ifrah salman

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