Shaista Lodhi’s Take On Mrs Khan’s Opinion

Recently, Mrs Khan appeared in a talk show and she shared her views on married girls. She believes a woman must keep her mouth shut in front of her husband. She kept on saying, women who cannot control their tongue, argue a lot and do not bow down to their husbands break their own marriages.

But Mrs Khan landed herself in trouble after sharing her views. Many people called her out for her sexist views. Shaista Lodhi after watching this video of Mrs Khan spoke out. She said, its a positive thing that people are not tolerating such views of Mrs Khan, our society is progressing.

She shared, “When I saw that clip of Mrs Khan, her tone was humiliating. The kind of words she used must not have been used by her and if people are calling her out, it shows the positive act of society. The mindset of people are changing, they want women to work. People are now believing that girls are very talented. Women are usually multitaskers but not men.”

She continued, “When Mrs Khan starts speaking she doesn’t stop for a bit. A lot of people tried to stop her but in live shows many things cant be controlled.”

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  • Oh yes Mrs. Khan truly expressed societys mindset and we all are changing and if someone don’t accept it then they should now change their mindset. It’s already high time now. I totally agree with my Darling Shaista. An honest Shaistas fan. Let’s all spread this voice “Tabdeeli aa nahi Rahi tabdeeli agai hai””.

  • Shaista lodhi herself is not the women who pay attention to her married life first she should correct her marital life and stop spoiling female.generation mrs.khan said very well …though it is true women are multitasker and no dount can handle pressure as compare to man but society should remember the actual work and respinsobility of women

    • its people like you who need to change , jugemental and trash talkers. what do you know why shista lodhi got divorced, may be her husband was not faithful , may be he was abusive may be she ddnt like him. all conditions permissable by islam to get a divorce. go get a life

  • I agree with Mrs Khan her tone may be little harsh but she was right her old style thinking was the reason why at time divorce was not so commen as they are now

  • Yes, I agree with Shaista. That now the time and trend should be changed. Of course in our society more work, thinking, n sacrifice is women part. And I think most of the women whether they are working or house wives, they are playing their role very nicely towards their family and society. If a woman helps her husband in earning and also takeing care of homen and children. then why she should not have the equal rights of her life. So I’ll say do your best to maintain peace and love at your home. But still where there limit is crossed you need to speak for your rights. Woman is not a slave. She is more respectable.

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