Hamza Ali Abbasi Against Item Numbers

Hamza Ali speaking against item songs culture.

Hamza Ali Abbasi never holds back his criticism on anything. He talks about social and political issues. He uses his fame in order to correct the society and to bring them on right path. He takes to social media to show his views on item number culture. In a reality show, Hamza has schooled a girl on a dance performance on item song.  The Waar actor commented:

“This is not our culture. Do you even like these item numbers in Pakistani movies?”

He continued and said, “This is the impact item numbers are making. I will keep on saying about this item song culture. I am begging to self correct yourself.”

Item songs objectify women and degrades them. Its against our culture, norms and religion. This is not the first time Hamza Ali Abbasi has spoken against item song culture. He believes these songs do not determine the success of a film.

“Its heart breaking and disappointing to see some brilliant Pakistani film makers still using item numbers to sell their films, he wrote this earlier on Twitter.

In an interview with BBC, he talked about how item numbers are not even important for success of any movie.

Hamza uses his platform to bring change in our society and sometimes he is absolutely right. What do you people think about this?


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  • I totally agree, all the film producers should ban item number songs from their movie. Even I see any movie whether it’s Bollywood or Pakistani I forward that song and move on..

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