Shamim Ara’s First Death Anniversary!

Shamim Ara is a big name of Pakistani Film Industry. Her birth name was Putli Bai but she worked in films under the stage name Shamim Ara. Shamim worked in many films including Doraha, Devdas and Qaidi. Her acting career spans from late 50’s to 70’s. She also worked as a director and producer and made many films.Though she married four times but had only one son Salman Majid Carim who is settled in UK.

Shamim Ara's First Death Anniversary!

Shamim had moved to UK with her son in her last years. She came back to Pakistan for a visit but her health deteriorated further and was taken back to UK for medical attention. She remained ill for about 6 years and left this mortal world on 5th August 2016 in a hospital in UK. Today marks her first death anniversary. May her soul rest in peace!


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