SHAN says “Promote Pakistani films if you don’t agree with the films we make than make one. Come join us!”

The Famous actor/director Shan is all set to rescue the Pakistani film industry and not just that he is requesting the intellectual elite and youngsters of Pakistan to join hands with existing industry members. Where the Pakistani citizens are disappointed from numerous stars that they did not speak up regarding the India-Pakistan artist ban and the entire controversy. Here is something to be proud of our Lollywood hunk Shan, who is busy lifting the morale of everyone and suggesting lets join hands to make film industry a more productive and better place.

Lately on his Facebook Shan posted that he has always prioritize improving local entertainment above his personal career. The” Waar”, star said “It’s a proud moment for Pakistani films and I’m honored to be a part of them. For me the only option ever was to bring Pakistani films out of its boundaries and show the world what immense talent and scripts we have in Pakistan so I always kept my focus on building Pakistani film industry rather than building my own career.”

It is not the first time that Shan is talking about the importance of local entertainment, he has said so many times before, that artists should work for local cinema than working in cross border films.

Shan has requested the intellectual elites, his fans and youngsters to work for the industry. He said that it is very important that we make films with respect to our culture and create our own super heroes and let the world know that we have our own individuality.

Well Shan we are really proud of you and completely agree with your point of view. Do let us know what do you guys think?