Trailer & Release date of “Abdullah – The Final Witness”, Film on Kharotabad Incident

After a long delay finally the film ABDULLAH is ready to hit the cinemas on 21st October. The movie is based on the incident of Kharotabad. The incident is about the deaths of five unarmed foreigners at an FC checkpoint in Quetta. The film was delayed due to the censor board objections as they considered the content bit controversial.

It’s been three years that the film was under production. The film is featuring Hameed Sheikh, Imran Abbas and Sadia Khan. Regarding the objection of censor board the director Hashim Nadem shared that they wanted the climax scene to be blurred but that could affect the movie therefore we re-shot the entire scene and now the issue is resolved.

The Kharotabad incident 2011 has been discussed and criticized on the national and international media, regarding how this film will show the incident the director Nadeem said, “The film actually revolves around Abdullah, who was the driver driving the foreigners, and how the incident affected his life. It shows the aftermath, the consequences of what happened. But, of course, the film’s backdrop is the incident.”

The director shared that through this film they have tried to reduce the intensity of criticism which the incident has caused. “There has been a lot of negative reports and propaganda revolving around the incident. With this film, we have tried to clear that out and send a positive message.”

Good luck to the team of Abdullah!