Sharmeen Obaid’s new project will create awareness for women

SOC Films is launching Aagahi – Apnay Mustaqbil Ki to mark international women’s day, 2017.

Aagahi means awareness and it aims to educate women about their rights in Pakistan.

In the next 12 months, SOC films will release a series of videos in Urdu and other regional languages which will explain and clarify the legislations affecting women and how the legal provisions can be applied.

The series will answer many questions like how to file an FIR, what does the law state on instances of rape, sexual harassment, divorce and inheritance and what is the procedure for reporting issues like these and who should be approached for help.

Other topics include forced marriage, divorce rights, inheritance rights, domestic violence, sexual harassment and acid and cybercrimes.

“I have travelled the length and breadth of Pakistan and one thing that has always struck me is that we women know very little about the rights that we have in this country. We have little understanding of the court system and how to navigate it and aren’t always aware of the ways we can protect ourselves,” said Sharmeen. “This is why SOC Films has collaborated with the Women’s Action Forum and undertaken the project Aagahi through a series of videos, which we aim to disseminate for free, across Pakistan. We hope to educate women about their rights and how they can assert them.”

The series is in collaboration with women’s action forum. Aamina Sheikh’s voice has been used for the series.