Shehr-e-Zaat – Facebook Wars.

Shehr-e-Zaat was the most talked about show when it went on air, people talked about everything from the inspirational message it contained to whether Falak should or should not be wearing a duppatta. I have seen more comments under the Shehr-e-Zaat video thread than anywhere else and more likes for its video than for any other. Many people said that the drama changed their lives in many ways. Shehr-e-Zaat has ended but it is still the most talked about drama, not because people are still impressed by it but because of the rift it caused between the writer Umera Ahmed, the channel on which it was being aired and the director Sarmad Khoosat.

 The rift started when Umera Ahmed Official facebook page gave the status after the 16th episode that Umera Ahmed wrote the script for 16 episodes only and it was being stretched unnecessarily. Hum TV apologized for doing so and everything was settled for the time. Although there were many viewers who complained because they felt that the drama had lost it’s magic. Shehr-e-Zaat was followed by many fans nevertheless.

 The real problem started when Umera Ahmed official facebook page once again told the viewers that the lines in the play ““cheezain behaya nahin hoteen, jo kucch un say mansookh kya jata hay woh behaya hota hay” were not in the original script and were added to the script by the director without the consent of the writer and Umera Ahmed was going to take up the matter with the production house. Some people said that they liked the lines; others remarked that they never thought they could have been written by Umera Ahmed. All said and done, we thought that Umera Ahmed and the entire team had moved on and good times were going to roll in but then the day the Shehr-e-Zaat show Shehr-e-Zaat- Ek Safar was going to be aired, Sarmad Khoosat’s official Facebook page status update stated that he as the director of the serial had disowned Shehr-e-Zaat, which meant he was deeply offended by something and did not want to have anything to do with the drama he worked so hard on. That is the reason that Saramd Khoosat was totally absent from Shehr-e-Zaat- Ek safar.

 No one knows what was it that hurt Sarmad so much that he decided to disown his own work. Shehr-e-Zaat should have been remembered for reasons other than the one I mentioned but sadly due to these latest developments, everyone is talking about the controversies surrounding the play. Even if the writer had some problems with the production house or the director she should not have told everyone about it by putting it on her facebook page. And no matter how offended the director was he should have told people the reason for it and not given up completely on a project he worked so hard on. It is being said that the production house did not support Sarmad Khoosat and neither did anyone else and that is the main reason for him being so upset. Well, whatever it is I hope everyone can work out their differences and work together once again.



My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • umera ahmad has done right because people do follow her..and they would have thought that these ideas are oh umera’s

    • u r very right ,bilkul people n specially youngsters believes on every word by Umera ahmed n had she not have publically express it wud have ruined thinking of alot of people.

  • I hope and pray that the differences are settled soon and everyone moves on with a thought that this drama was well appreciated by the viewers and the hard work paid off. Having said this, the drama was a team work and a successful one!! It is expected of this team to be more mature than airing their differences and controversies on facebook!! Learn to be a team player rather than a control freak. There is nothing that cannot be settled with patience and civilized discussion.

  • as much as i think abt it, i am more convinced than ever that if it was Aisha khan inplace of mahira , the play would have been hundred times better or someone who had a more expressive face who would look different glamourous and then different when simple.

  • Umera Ahmed needs to stop taking to her facebook page to whine about every little thing. It's getting tiring and unprofessional. She did the same thing when ARY started airing Aks (she actually went to the extent of accusing the production house of using the name so they could cash-in to her story Aks which was a low blow!). Sarmad is still young and it is understandable why he would get angry and take such a drastic step of disowning his work but umera ahmed is a mature woman. she needs to seriously grow up

    • Interestingly both of them are of the same age and Sarmad had started his career a lot earlier than Umera had started her career. It was just that Sarmad's work got noticed only recently from Hum Tv after a series of flops from many other channels including Bano Qudsia's famous play Sitara some four years back. These days almost all writers are having problems with their fellow directors. This controversy is no different. Have you read Hasina Moin's accusations against Marina Khan? I believe the directors are getting dictatorial and that is why the writers are getting irritated.

    • umera ahmed is right in her stance. the act of changing a writer's original story or the message she wants to give or adding somthing in the script which is not that writer's thinking or the writer does not agree to is a crime in western societies and even in all civilised societies. cos people want to read and watch that particular writer and not someone else's adaptation or manipulation to the original story and context. that is the main reason for which the production house has not supported Sarmad. becose Sarmad did wrong and no one should blame Umera Ahmed. as far as her face book page is concerned. she is operating it very rightly. she has millions of fans who got hurt by these lines cos they were initially knowing that this is not umera's way of thinking about Haya and Bay hayaee. so what ever she told to the fans about this serial or Aks it is out of her sheer sincerity to wards her readers and pieces of works. and on her part this disclosure is not a new thing. if u go to her official page, she has made so many clarifications about her serials which have been on aired in recent past like maat and others. plz stop blaming her instead blame Sarmad thanx

    • You are totally wrong. Umera Ahmed has every right to object to someone putting his or her lines in a serial which is written by her without her consent. She had already added the character of Hamza and Naani to make the drama more interesting for the viewers. That shows that she is not rigid and can mould her writings to the requirments of the production house. But that does not mean that the Director can do what he wants with the dialogues. She is right to stand up for her right as a writer, other wise if she keeps quiet, a time may come when writers will not recognize their own script!! when a production house takes the copy rights of a story , they are bound by certain rules as is the writer. Just because Sarmad has had a success with' Humsafar' does not mean he can do what he wants. I believe he is a very nice and a humble person. Instead of ' Disowning a serial' he should ' own ' a mistake. He should apologize. NO harm in agreeing that he made a mistake.

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