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Ainak Wala Jin- The Sequel to Start Soon! Latest Reveal

After a month of Sundays, the second part of Ainak Wala Jin is going to reappear on PTV soon which had reached to the heights of popularity during 1993-1996 in thecourse of its first part. It has been noted that a new trend is coming into the limelight where the producers and directors are found to take the full advantage of the popularity that some old dramas earned. Recently, Tanhaiyaan- the sequel appeared on the screen that was taken open handedly by the audience and now the next on dial is ‘Ainak Wala Jin’, which would be given a name of ‘Nastoor Ki Wapsi’.

Shahzad Qaisar, the central character of Ainak Wala Jin in the first part, told,

“We will start the series from where its first part ended. The drama series is being started again to provide fun in a healthy atmosphere to people belonging to all age groups including children, women and men.”

He added that the viewers would be able to take pleasure from picturesque beauty of many areas of Pakistan including Azad Kashmir and also the play would have a lot more entertainment for the viewers as its writer Tariq Sahili had made a mindful endeavor to let not miss the single moment to enjoy and fun.

Qaisar articulated his bliss on the drama and stated, “When your name is associated with such a popular character, it becomes rather difficult to adjust to another [character]. I consider myself lucky — I am making a comeback in the same role.”

The drama of behind the times is now coming up with new-fangled touches. The scriptwriter Muhammad Tariq aka Tariq Sahili told the paper regarding all innovations they made in the second season, “We have added animations, graphics and have created a futuristic story by adding aliens who have come to conduct research in the world but the element of travel and adventure still remains.”

Sahili said that the series was being commenced following great demand from its fans, who had become fed up with the culture of filthy dialogues and other negative policies being used in dramas and television shows in the name of entertainment.

He further said that almost all team of the series would be the same except those actors which had to be changed because of their age. Moreover, Idrees Adil would be a director of the series and Shafqat Cheema would play role of villain.

Munna Lahori expressed his contentment to his fans who have appreciated him throughout his life and said while promoting the second season, “The drama has really been written in such a modern and scientific way, that even kids who like Harry Potter and other fantasy series, will appreciate this show.”

Let’s gear up ourselves for new adventure!


Nida Zaidi

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