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Shehr e Zaat – The Finale

Honestly speaking I did not expect Shehr-e-Zaat to end this way, I thought that Falak would never go back to Salman and lead a happy life without him but I am extremely glad that the message that the writer put forward was that following the path of Deen makes your life in this world so much easier. There are times in every person’s life when there are defining moments in our lives; we stand on the crossroad wondering where to go; which path to take? Today we saw a very confused Falak in the same situation too and learned that our religion tells us everything we need to know about this duniya. Naani put it so beautifully; nothing more needs to be said. Indeed Salman lost on all accounts and Falak was a winner in the eye of her Lord and got what she desired the most in this world too. Although, Falak stated herself that she did not feel the same love or attraction towards Salman but Naani’s words that it was Allah who put Salman in that position so he would come back to her were more than enough to convince Falak and I must say me too! Allah is Ghafoor and Rahim, The All Merciful, He forgives man for his gravest mistakes if he truly repents than why can’t humans do the same?

For a second there, I did think that Falak should not have gone back to Salman but when I saw Falak few years later, asking her daughter if she had said her Fajar prayers, I too was convinced that Falak indeed had won. All the pain that Falak went through did not only change her life for good but also saved another mother from becoming “Mehrunissa” and another daughter from becoming “Falak”…bravo!

There were so many dialogues in today’s episode that were simply soul stirring but the one that truly made me think were the lines Falak says to Salman when she breaks his sculpture. Indeed if we look for perfection in everything, we are bound to be clueless and discontent with life. Humans must work on their relationships in order to make them last and same is true for our relationship with God. At the same time the message this drama puts forwards is that Human are meant to be imperfect , no matter how “secure” or loved a person feels in a human relationship one should not put the love for a man above the love for God.

I must add that this ending reminded me of Durr-e-Shehwar’s last episode, although the circumstances were very different but it definitely left me with the same feeling. Everything was wrapped up beautifully in a very subtle manner and I will leave it upto you all to share some of your favorite dialogues from today’s episode.

Umera Ahmed gave us so much to ponder upon and get inspired from, so a big thanks to her. I must say that there were a lot of times when Mahira Khan’s acting could have been much better but I guess it was upto the director to extract the best out of her. The play was prolonged unnecessarily, Umera Ahmed herself stated on her facebook page that the play was being stretched unnecessarily and she would have liked it if it could have ended sooner. All the other actors were absolutely brilliant Mikael Zulfiqar, Hina Bayat, Samina Peerzada, Seemi Pasha, Nadia Afghan and Mohib Mirza in particular were absolutely flawless. We should have more plays like Shehr-e-Zaat on air, it is the need of the hour but I think such plays should be short and to the point.

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