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Ek Nayee Cinderella Episode 4 Review

I must admit that I didn’t enjoy the 3rd episode of Aik Nayi Cinderella as much as I enjoyed the previous episodes but episode 4 totally won my heart! I loved every single part of the episode. It was adorable! I was smiling almost the whole time. I can say that this episode was my favorite out of all 4 that have aired.

Meesha was not able to go to the party because her evil step-mother put her granny into a deep sleep. What could Meesha do? Poor her! She cried and cried, asking God for help, asking God for a fairy mother who would help Meesha like she helped Cinderella. She didn’t get a fairy mother to help her, but Roman showed up. Yes, Roman made his entry today, someone we have been waiting for ever since the drama serial started, at least I was. Even though this was his first episode, I like him a lot already! Faizan Khawaja was amazing as Roman! And the chemistry between him and Meesha was felt by all of us,I’m sure. Roman and Meesha were really cute, I loved their scenes so much that I watched each of their scenes at least 3 times before I started this review. Haissam Hussain proved again that he can create great chemistry between characters. Roman has promised Meesha that he will help her get her prince(Mayer). He says he’s a fairy-man but I wonder if he really is. It seems he is hiding his identity by working in Surayya Aunty’s house. Is he a ‘fairy-man’ or a normal human? Time will tell.

Zaini is very clever and is trying her best to convince Mayer that the girl he met at the festival night was her. But Mayer is confused. He doesn’t see ‘that girl’ in Zaini. That’s why he couldn’t get his eyes off Meesha when she comes to the party. He knew it was her, but she denies and runs away after messing up. For some unknown reason, Meesha blames Roman for what happened in the party. Anyway, Mayer is completely confused about who his ‘mystery-girl’ is. I hope he doesn’t fall for Zaini’s trap. I like Mayer and Roman so I can’t really root for one as of yet. Let’s see what happens. I am really looking forward to how Faiza Iftikhar will shape the story. I think that Roman likes Meesha. Will this turn into selfless love? If so, I’ll definitely feel for Roman.

The party scene between Meher and Bano, I was chuckling while listening to them.It was kind of amusing to watch. Bano has recognized Zaini right! She is sharp and ‘moqa-parast’. I don’t want Mayer to fall for her! Please, make something happen so that Mayer finds out the truth! I am kind of desperate!

Everyone performed very well, Maya Ali, Osman Khalid, Faizan Khawaja, Eshita, everyone! I just thought that Osman Khalid was a little nervous. I felt he wasn’t as comfortable as the others but maybe it’s just me. He did a great job though I am loving the story, the direction and the performances by everyone. A&B Productions usually have the same feel to their dramas but this one is definitely different. I am so looking forward to the next episode and it really is getting harder to wait! How will I wait the whole week? I know, I’ll watch the Roman/Meesha scenes again! I seriously loved all the cute dialogues between them. They were both adorable! Anyway, great job team!

Written By Ghada Qaiser (GQ) ~ Sorry for the late review

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