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Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay Ep: 3 Gained Attention Again

None of the secrets were revealed in today’s episode but does that mean this episode was any less engaging…most certainly not. There were so many things I liked about this latest episode that honestly speaking I have no idea where to start from. The Opening scene was extremely moving…..who says Zara is not part of this sequel, I feel even though the character may not be a part of the play but the story to a large extent revolves around Zara and she has been given her due position in the show even though Shehnaz Sheik refused to be a part of this play due to personal reasons. Sania’s conversation with Zara was absolutely heart-wrenching and totally made up for Zara’s absence. The way Sania listens and responds to Zara went to show that the two sisters still shared the same bond which they did years back.

I absolutely love Serena, she is a breath of fresh air and Syra Yusef is very well-suited for this role. I thoroughly enjoyed the way Serena “handled” Zeenia’s reaction to Zain’s decision. She knows her sister too well and did not waste her time arguing with her or trying to talk her out of going against Zain’s decision. But instead she very conveniently put the passport away and went away to have some fun with her Sania Khala, way to go girl!

I can’t help but like Zeenia too, it is also very nice to see Alishba Yusef playing this character. Whoever is responsible for the casting has done a fabulous job. I have so many relatives living abroad who feel the way Zeenia feels about Pakistan. They think that it is not the safest place to live in and most of them just lock themselves up in the house when they come to visit. I am waiting to see how and when Zeenia’s opinion about the country and its people changes. What did Zara tell her about her country that has made her so scared of living here? I can’t help but wonder. Zeenia and Serena do remind me of Zara and Sania and the pillow fighting scene really took me down the memory lane….very well done.

Bibi made me go into fits of laughter today and Chandni was equally hilarious. “Yeh koi angrazi kisam ka dora hai…kiya apna ghonsala bana rahi hai? kiya yeh suitcase mei rahe gi”…absolutely brilliant. Durdana Butt still has the magic she had years back and she is an absolute delight to watch. The way Zain finally approaches Sania was also very sweet “Bachoo ki tarah kutti kur ke beith jana” reference was very cute.

The end of this latest episode gave me something to look forward to but I must say that even though I was waiting to see Qabacha more than anyone else, only after three episodes I am so into the characters that I simple love all of them.

Haseena Moin and Mohammad Ahmed have come up with a superb script which has all the right ingredients in the right proportions. Marina Khan has directed it to perfection and the entire cast, old and new is totally into their characters. I will definitely be watching this episode one more time again before the next one goes on air…great job everyone.

Fatima Awan.

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