Shehzad Roy’s Campaign To Reform Matric Board

Pakistani singer and activist Shehzad Roy has released a video that aims to create an environment which accepts change of teaching methods in all the 33 matric boards operating across Pakistan — as the culture of critical thinking starts at school.

In an interview with Mehar Bukhari, Shehzad Roy explained, ‘‘It has nothing to do with curriculum or syllabus, now I wish to give you an example that students are asked about Greenhouse Effect in exams and they write the standard answer which they memorised through rote learning but we want them to change the question slightly and ask the student about the causes of the effect, this will increase reasoned learning.”

Responding to criticism, he clarified that the video is not making monsters out of teachers or parents but is against all the people and professionals who are in any way extremists.

“There are instances where teachers have beaten children to death and we don’t want even parents to take extreme measures against their children’s wishes or queries.”

Shehzad Roy’s efforts have been applauded by many people including celebrities like Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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And they are right when they say, 'Writing is a form of therapy'.