Shoaib Akhter showed his not-so plump lips with over done lipstick!

If you are familiar with makeup you know how important a pop of colour is for the whole look. Apply all your foundations and highlighters but you will end up looking like a zombie if that beautiful shade is not their to make your lips look plump and pretty.Yes we are talking about lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are everywhere and the virus has even touched our male celebrities as much as they had affected women. But today Rawalpindi Express went a bit overboard and showcased his not-so plump lips in a beautiful (for ladies) shade. Have a look :

Advice for Shoaib bhai: Lagayein lagayein jo dil chahe lagayein sabb ko acha lagne ka haqq hai parr zara all natural look pe bhi gaur farmayein. Itni surkhi achi nahin hoti! LOL!

Pakeeza Dar