Titlee Episode 22 Review – Interesting Developments

Finally, the story moved forward considerably and even though Ahmed’s attitude overall was yet again a little too compromising and apologetic but the reactions of all the other characters made perfect sense. The step Amir took to ensure that Naila could never file for her daughter’s custody had to be the best part of these latest developments. Amir has always been shown as someone who is more practical than compassionate especially when he is dealing with Naila. He gave her respect and love when she became a part of the family but he changed his behaviour towards her altogether when he realized what kind of a person she was. He was the only person in the family who did not go the extra mile to do things exactly the way Naila wanted and could always see how she was exploiting everyone in the family. Although Naila was apprehensive about giving custody of her daughters but at the same time she was desperate to have Rehan in her life and was willing to give up everything. Naila’s mother was there even at the time of her nikkah to show her support! She has always been the one who covered up whenever Naila did something outrageous and now once again she was shown supporting her daughter.

Watching Amna and Mariam move on with their lives and finally coming to the conclusion that there was no reason why they should miss their mother was definitely more relatable than watching them miss their mother in the previous episode. Ahmed’s concerns however did not make a lot of sense. I feel like there are times when the writer tries a little too hard to make sure that Ahmed comes across as someone who is incapable of hating someone or even feeling upset for something for too long which at times makes it difficult for me to relate to his character. Ali Abbas has definitely brought out the best in his character but there are times when his character comes across as the male version of those perfect bahus and wives we see on television all the time, who never complain no matter how their husbands and in laws treat them. It was however great watching the entire family getting over Naila soon enough and thinking about getting Ahmed married again. Someone like Naila should not be missed. Everyone in the family did whatever they could in order to ensure that Naila and Ahmed’s marriage worked out but now that it is over, there are a lot of reasons why they actually deserve to celebrate!

The preview of the next episode was very satisfying and showed that everyone will get what they deserve. Ahmed will get married to someone who deserves a loving person like him. Naila never gave him the love he deserved therefore he will value his new wife even more now. Naila and Rehan’s marriage however will not turn out to be perfect; I am waiting to see how this particular part of their track is covered. So far, Titlee has been very convincing, there are very few moments when you question certain reactions from the characters, otherwise it has been logical and easy to relate to. The drama has been stretched a great deal in these past few weeks but there is definitely hope now that we are heading towards an ending most viewers will like.

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Fatima Awan

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