Pakistan drama industry -the road so far !

There were times when people would wait for their favourite dramas to be on aired on PTV . Be it a serial that would give you tears like ansoo , hawayen or be it a comedy sitcom like family front that would make you burst with laughter . The wait was endless , so was the curiosity.


The simplicity of the actresses along with their natural beauties , the hard work of directors and the refined works of the writers ,set the dramas apart. The stories depicted lives anyone could relate to . With no dramatic effects , the realistic touch would prove icing on the cake.

The legends Bushra Ansaari , Shagufta Ijaz , Talat Hussain , Rubina , Saba Hameed Showcased a fair amount of brilliance through their acting skills
Today , on the contrary , we live in times when we have dramas in large quantity but the quality remains equally less.
We no longer are aware of the numerous soaps being aired . The days are long gone when PakistanI dramas would leave everlasting effects on us. Starting from 1960s , we find that the elements which were once the soul of dramas are now missing completely . The quality content , the wonderous direction , the depiction and promotion of our national language and the beautiful culture of our own country  are now replaced by the quantity of content , the unrealistic and weak direction , promotion of language and trends which have never been parts of our culture
Nowadays , we watch dramas not for the sake of entertainment but for jolting down the fashion trends and the grandeur portrayed in dramas.
With the start of 21st century , our drama industry began to collapse by following the footsteps of Indian drama industry . The dramas like Kasak , Tere pehlo mein , Bahu rani , Mehndi Vale Hath,Vo rishte vo Naate are the epitomes of the Indian culture. The deviation from the culture resulted in a devastated drama industry and reviving it was the need of the hour .
The quest to earn more ratings than providing quality entertainment , the race for better rankings among the TV channels, lack of quality content from the writers and poor directions from the directors greatly influenced the downfall of drama industry.
Then came the times when the Pakistani drama industry was revived ( well, to some extent ) . With dramas like Alpha Bravo Charlie , Meri zaat zara e benishan , humsafar , Khuda ki Basti ,Dur e shehwar, Dastan , Daam , vasal , bol Meri machli , Udaari and many others which revolved around the dilemmas of our society, our industry took a new turn.
These were the times when people not only from Pakistan but from all over the world started admiring the works prouduced in Pakistan . The industry evolved and great writers and directors including Anwar Maqsood, Shoaib Mansoor, Umerah Ahmed , Wasi Shah , Sarmad khusat, Mehreen Jabbar ,  Yasir Nawaz , Saaif Hassan and Sakina Samo, Momina Duraid emerged. It is because of their hard work that the industry rose back to success .
The dramas produced did not only influence the nation but also brought changes within the society , however there’s still  a lot more to be attained. Life lesson along with provision of entertainment is the best combination any drama industry offers and Pakistani drama industry needs more improvement to get into the race.
Our drama industry has indeed shown an extra ordinary performance since its revival in 2005  but it still needs a lot of backbone in order to provide best entertainment to the audience

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