Shoaib Khan Recreates Deepika’s Look From Chhapaak

A famous Pakistani makeup artist is back with another recreated look. This time he has transformed himself into Deepika’s look from her upcoming film Chhapaak in which Deepika is playing role of acid attack survivor.
Shoaib Khan Recreates Deepika's Look From Chhapaak
The talented makeup artist took to Instagram to share the look which he created. He wrote for acid attack survivors, “After recreating this look: I have only one thing to say to all the acid attack survivors around the globe: *Glisten your face with ruby lipstick. Gather your hair to one side so the details of your face become more visible. And SMILE!* No one can maim or embarass you! Don’t hide your scars, instead, flaunt them like a superpower! You’re beautiful and you’ll always be beautiful.”
Shoaib Khan Recreates Deepika's Look From Chhapaak
“It was really hard for me to look in the mirror after I recreated this look. I got to realize the pain, the trauma, all these survivors suffer from,” he continued.Shoaib Khan Recreates Deepika's Look From Chhapaak
 Khan shared how his respect for Deepika Padukone has increased, “As you all know, I’ve been a big fan of @deepikapadukone, but after this Film, My respect level for her is reaching all new heights. I love you Deepika for raising awareness on this issue through ‘Chhapaak’ and giving motivation to all these survivors to shine through their grit and determination and move forward in life! You’”
Shoaib Khan Recreates Deepika's Look From Chhapaak


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