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Shoaib Malik On His Expectations From His Unborn Child

Shoaib Malik’s wife Sania Mirza has always been in the news especially after getting married to Shoaib. She is on social media now more than ever when Sania and Shoaib are expecting their first child.

First of all, the pregnancy news went viral, then everything afterwards be it a wedding ceremony, a get together or an Eid, the pictures of the couple were always a hot topic on social media.

Recently Sania celebrated her theme based baby shower and than came her views on how the birth of a girl should be celebrated in the same way as birth of a boy.

Now Shoaib Malik has also shared his views on how he expects his unborn child to be. He took to twitter and said, “Sania and I were able to pursue our dreams because of strong parenting that encouraged us to be who we wanted to be. The world is a beautiful place but a noisy one”.


He further added, “As a parent the only expectation I want to set for my child is: #bewhoyouwanttobe”.

He tweeted this in response to Sania Mirza’s video with a youtube channel, where she in a moving letter to her child, unburdens them of any and every expectation.