Should The Last Episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho be Banned

Mere Pass Tum Ho has created quite an uproar. While there are people who love watching this show, there are plenty of women who find the drama serial offensive because it devalues women. For the first time a petition has been filed in the court to ban an episode of a drama, the last episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho. According to this petition the drama Mere Pass Tum Ho’s story , “is based on humiliation of respectable women community.” This is the first time that someone has asked to put a ban on the last episode of a drama because of the way women are portrayed in it.

Should The Last Episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho be Banned

Now the question is that whether this is the actual reason for asking for a ban or the actual reason are the interviews of the writer. We all know that the writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar has given several interviews in which he said that a woman who cheats on her husband is a non woman. He has made several other remarks which were indeed derogatory. But the petition does not say that the drama’s last episode should be banned because of the writer’s comments, it says that it should be banned because of the way women have been portrayed in the drama.

Should The Last Episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho be Banned

What About These Dramas?

The question is that are women represented in a respectable way in most Pakistani dramas? In the most popular dramas of recent times and even the past men have been shown beating their wives, putting them through mental torture, kidnapping women, raping their wives and there was even a drama in which the rape victim relied on his rapists for years. Dramas like Beqasoor, Chup Raho, Sangat, Mere Khawab Reza Reza, Khasara, Titlee and so many more showed women who were either greedy or were humiliated in every single episode. In Sangat, the victim stayed in the same house with the rapist and also took help from him raising the child she had as a result of the rape. No one filed a petition, why?

Should The Last Episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho be Banned


chup raho1

In Mere Khawab Reza Reza and Khasara wives were shown leave their loving husbands for men who had more money. In Titlee a woman was shown so shallow and selfish that she leaves her ugly rich husband for a good looking man. The man playing her husband’s role was even tanned to look even more unpleasant.


Should The Last Episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho be Banned

Real Reason

In drama serial Gul-e-Rana, the hero marries the heroine on gun point then he gives her sleeping pills and rapes her while she is unconscious. In Ishq Tamasha, the man marries a woman out of vengeance, tortures her mentally every single day and in the end she dies but no one had a problem with that. No one raised hue and cry then and no one asked that these dramas should be banned. Is the reason for that is that if women write such dramas it is okay or is the real reason behind asking for the ban is to tell the world that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar should not been voicing his misogynist views in interviews. If that is the reason then whey is Mere Pass Tum Ho being banned? PEMRA should then ban the writer from giving interviews like they do with other hosts and guests of talk shows.

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Geo’s Munafiq

Mere Pass Tum Ho’s story is one the viewers have seen many times before in other dramas. The promos of Geo’s latest drama Munafiq humiliate women much more than Mere Pass Tum Ho ever did. There is so much pressure on the people involved to apologize too. The truth of the matter is that people who are constantly scanning Mere Pass Tum Ho for misogynistic dialogues are actually those who want the writer getting banned. They want to teach the writer a lesson.

If Mere Pass Tum Ho’s last episode should be banned then the authorities should also make sure that Munafiq does not even go on air! Yes, the writers have a responsibility to writer progressive scripts but saying that a drama showing one unfaithful woman should be banned or is a threat to women is an illogical reason. Mere Pass Tum Ho has 3 other female characters who represent different kinds of women. Mehwish is just one woman who was unfaithful to a man.

There are so many Pakistani dramas in which men are shown as unfaithful and unreasonable people. Yahan Pyar Nahi Hei and Mere Bewafa being two such examples, there are so many more. Why has a man never filed such a petition? Is it okay for the writers to show men as unfaithful and unreasonable creatures?


Do you think this petition to put a ban on the last episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho justified? Share your views.


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  • The dramas you named here were not so famous. MPTH is one of the most hit plays of our drama history. It actually matters. Baqi problems to sab k sath hain hee.

  • I was watching Ramz e Ishq on Geo (Monday slot leader) , a drama written by a woman, in which a gifl called another girrl ‘do takkay ki larki’.
    Seher in TSH is slapped twice a day, heer loser husband isn’t.
    Thete is a dusri bv drama on Ary in which a girl is a vamp and home wrecker, written by a lady.
    In MPTH, if there is a Mehwish, there are Hania, Ayesha and Ifra too. Shehwar is being punished too. He is not getting away with it.
    It is amusing to see people who love humsafar (promoting forced marriage, cousin marriage, vamp Saas and Sara, Khizar not punished, and a dumb husband forgiven in the end), hating and asking for a ban on MPTH.

    • And there have been dramas with titles like karam jali, naseebon jali, bechari and what not!
      But people opposing KRQ’s views are right because he comes off as such a misogynist every time he’s sharing his noble views regarding women.
      And I’m not a fan of MPTH too but I think as far as the script is concerned Mehwish and Shehwar are treated no differently so I don’t understand why they’re getting an episode banned? You’re right there are a lot more problematic dramas on air currently.

    • Absolutely right. Hamsafar was a piece of trash but people could only c the chemistry between Mahira and Fawad. Even yeh dil mera is nonsense. Every character has a mental illness but the main attraction is SAHAD. It started the most awful trend. Even some of Umera Ahmed’s dramas have been trashy. If they air right now people will lose it. Maat started the most awful trend of sister rivalry. Durr e shehwar gave the woman the dars of compromise and no advice for men. And let’s not forget shehr e zaat in which the husbands cheats on his wife, ridicules her and even gets married for the second time but in the end the wife goes back. The only difference is that umera ahmed takes support from religion so her flaws are sacred. People say krq’s characters are philosophers what about umera ahmed? So many lectures in every drama.

      • Humsafar was a very good drama, the ending was progressive ,the Kirad character become a strong woman, who stood up for herself and daughter and faced her husband to get the treament her daughter deserved being his daughter. Plus,Asher appolygized to her in the end ,very progressive ! Do not agree with your assessment of humsafar !

  • I think it is a publicity trick for getting more and more ratings. Nothing else. The petitioner is linked to someone in the production
    or she is just seeking attention.

  • If such wrong concepts were given then why petition was not filed immediately after those episodes which were hurting, like Udaari was given a notice in initial episodes when disturbing scenes were shown, why wait for the last episode. Now even if last episode gets banned, will serve no purpose. Alif which is masterpiece couldn’t achieve ratings as MPTH clearly indicating people intrested more in this type of stories. Jab public tickets kharidne me busy he to ban ka kya faida

  • Well written piece. People have a problem with the writer but turning in to an issue with the drama. Ridiculous approach. Dawn surprises me the most, their owner is a rapist and they are the ones ridiculing khalil ur rehman the most, shame on this media and its double standards. If the people writing for Dawn are so missionary than they should leave that group because it is run by a rapist.

  • Mere pas tum ho main bohot bare bare gunahon ko bohot mamoli kr k dikhaya gya hy. Shehwar or mehwish to hyn hi shru se negative Mgr Danish ny q apni beevi ksi ghair mrd k hawale kr di?? Use talaq deni hi thi to jis trha talaq di jati h ustrha deta ye kya behiyai dikhai k wo khud hi Shehwar ko bula k apni beevi usky hawale krdeta hy. At least, one character should have been sane. Naa iddat ka koi tassavur.. Naa nikah ka koi tasavvur. Shadi keeye baghair mehvish or Shehwar aik dosre k sath reh rhe hyn. Halanke ye itna bra gunah hy. Iski Saza to mot hy. Lekin tamam gunahon ko bohot lightly leeya gya hy even k mehvish or danish k jo mutual friends hn wo danish ko samjha rhe k mehvish ko maaf krdo..what the hell is this? Halala hua hi nhi q k mehvish ny danish k bad ksi se shadi nhi ki to ab danish kese use maaf kr k Dobara shadi krskta hy?? Istrha k drama k mashre p kese asrat pr skty hyn? Drama ka har character hi pagal hy

    • When you have people who do not follow Islam writing drama serial stories, how can those stories follow Islam? Use logic and open your eyes to see who the people in the industry are and what they really follow.

    • 100% agree with this logic. When it’s being shown as a Muslim society, then how can Mehwish return to Danish without halala. And how can other characters such as their friends and the neighbors upstairs urge Mehwish to wait for Danish? The rules and regulations regarding marriage, divorce and remarriage are already there. How can we accept the unacceptable?

    • I think we should keep aside religion and view this as a story, no where in the entire drama their religions came into picture, for all you may know, they may all be non-muslims :D

  • What Nonsense. In that case, BAN EVERY DRAMA. What about the stupid “Bewafa”. MPTH is actually a good Drama.

  • Mere pas tum ho me kabira gunahon ko mamooli gunah dikhaya gaya hai cigrette pya jata hai t sehat k lye nuqsan de ha t slide chalti hai baqi itne bare gunah dikhane pr koi slide show nhi hoti dekh e walonko app kya lesson de rahe ho ALLAH ka khouf kro kya muh dikhayo ge Allah ko astaghfirullah

  • The much I’ve followed MPTH, I have had problems regarding some dialogues like ‘Mohabat me shirk’ and ‘Bewafai maaf kr de tau khuda na ho jaye’ etc. Because in no way is ‘Cheating’ equal to ‘Shirk’. And at some points, they were degrading women.
    But the petition is a joke itself. In point 3, the petitioner says ‘it aims at ridiculing a woman who makes the same decision as every other man in the society does’. What do we take from it? That the decision she took was alright?
    Also, Shehwar took the same decision and is given the same treatment as Mehwish then how come it’s ridiculing the woman?

  • All dramas should be banned… jo kuch dekhaya jaraha ha bachu k sath bait k dekhnai laik nahi hain. Mard bewafai karai kuch nahi kaha jata aurat karai tu mar dia jata hai. Pata nahi kia kia dekha rahai ha.

  • Itni publicity is drama ki kis liay ki gai ha cinema mai b laga rahai ha sahi paisai logu k lottai gaiy. Drama best ha bs aurat ko bht bura sabit kiya hai.

  • It is best drama…. never be banned …. Mehwish type women are present in our society we should learn lesson…. These mistakes are not allowed in our religion… We cannot cheat our family our life partner…. We should not be greedy for wealth… We should be honest with our life partner either we are women or men….

  • Indian dramas jb chalty thy tb tu koi banned nai huwa jasi bi story ho jb pakistani dranas top pae ja rahy han tu un ko appriciate karna chayae na k banned.

  • Do not understand the uproar at all, if anything this woman is selfish, greedy and is just focused on herself, she is a character and women are human too, they make mistakes, not all women are saints and not all are villains too. If anything, women should protest against the stereotypes in other dramas where women are showed as just gharelu, obedient and career women are shown as villians. They should protest against .. the restrictions on women even to go a friend’s house, or talk to a man …such things are so stupid and so easily accepted by all. I do not know why women are so confused and think of themselves as inferior to men all the time.

  • i like the way they have watched all the rest of the episodes but on the last episode everyone remembers that it’s degrading to women, if that is the case then why are they not having Ruswai banned in which the main character has been gang raped is now being tortured by her husband not to mention being hit by him too

  • MpTH the actors popularity and good acting with standing ,but the narrative of the story what qualifies as a good woman,is not helpful,and regressive .Plus,a good man who loved his wife totally, had to die because he has nothing to give to another woman, is very wrong message ! The heart should be limitless with love,and human are very resilence being,specifically ,Pakistani ,30 yrs of living with out basic things,under pmln nawaz ,PPP, they still watching tv,says a lot about the disconnect of the writer,in respect to the subject of this drama !

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