Petition To Stop Airing Of Meray Pass Tum Ho’s Last Episode Filed

Seems like all isn’t really going well for the last episode of the most watched drama serial Meray Paas Tum Ho before it airs. In an uneventful development, a petition has been filed against the drama to stop its last episode from airing.

The petition filed in a Lahore High Court has been done by a woman named Maham who argues that the drama has shown the women community in a negative light and has downgraded them in the society.

Petition To Stop Airing Of Meray Pass Tum Ho's Last Episode Filed

Petition To Stop Airing Of Meray Pass Tum Ho's Last Episode Filed

Petition To Stop Airing Of Meray Pass Tum Ho's Last Episode Filed

The petition argues that Meray Pass Tum Ho has degraded a woman in the drama for making a decision that every man does and therefore caused pain and severe mental torture to the lady and her family amongst other things

The court, after hearing the arguments presented by Maham, has issued notices to the concerned for January 24, 2020. Meanwhile the censor board across the country has allowed the screening of the drama’s last episode across the country.

The last episode of Meray Paas Tum Ho is set to be aired in cinemas and on TV on January 25th, 2020.

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  • It is just a drama!! And it is ONE character! Did she never get offended by the doosri teesri biwis, how is that acceptful to any self respectingwoman?

  • In every other drama, man are shown cheating their wives whom they love most but then 2nd woman comes, and his affair or 2nd marriage is justified to every extent with stupid arguments, Fahad Mustafa’s “Dusri Bivi” , “Aahista Aahista” and recent Hassad’s ending and currently on air Bewafa all justifying 2nd marriage by wrong reasons. If love angle is not shown between husband and wife then 2nd marriage might be justified but cheating on wife whom you love and justifying that it was due to her overpossesive aur doubting nature (giving wrong concept) is definitely not acceptable. When disasters like Chup raho, Sangat, and Rishtay kuch adhooray se which gave extremely wrong concepts were not banned then why this very last episode has to be banned?? Divorce is shown in every other drama as a normal thing. Ye galat concept nhi de raha kya youth ko?? Is lehaz se to drama industry ko hi ban hojana chahiye, since in every other drama before marriage and extramarital affairs are shown which is against religious and cultural values, tab to kisi ko bura nhi lagta.

  • Yeh jisne petition dali Hai Shayad usne Kabhi Zindagi Mein Yeh ghalti ki Hoti so now she is justifying. Kisi reason ne Allah ne Aisa gunnah ko sin karar Dia hai.

  • It’s a simple story about a woman who left a loving family for a rich man. Surely it’s a norm in Pakistani dramas to show disloyalty in men, but disloyal women also exist. The drama in no way humiliates the whole women community, just that particular woman who betrayed her husband. I’m shocked at the statement that “it aims at ridiculing a woman for making the same decisions that every other man in the society does”. Lol, not every other man in the society leaves their spouse and child for the sake of a rich partner! Mahwish made a silly decision, and she got the outcome. Disloyalty is wrong, regardless of the gender and nothing in this world can justify it. This was the main concept of the drama. The three characters shehwar, mahwish and mateen sahab, who were disloyal to their partners were punished by fate somehow, hence there is no gender discrimination in the story. Alot of things Khalil sahab said in his interview made me uncomfortable, but the drama in no way humiliates any woman, so there is nothing wrong in the drama for me

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