Ye Dil Mera Episode 13 Story Review – A New Beginning

Ohkay so, this episode of Ye Dil Mera did not take the story forward but covered the bumpy beginning of Ana’s marital life in great detail. Now that I am getting to talk about each episode individually, I will say that in this episode, I did pick some minor issues which could have easily been taken care of. The story of Ye Dil Mera is at this stage where there’s a lot of questions that are in the mind of the viewers, so it is going to be an interesting getting the answers slowly & steadily. I think from now onward, it will be more slow paced where one episode will be happening & the next couple of episodes will not show much. This usually is the pattern that our dramas follow, irrespective of the team behind it, but yes, it definitely is an engaging drama which knows how to keep the audience guessing.

Ana & Amaan’s Marriage

The letter that Ana wrote to her mother & the prayers that she said definitely showcased the deep rooted fears in her mind related to this new chapter of her life. Ana is naive, that is why she wants to see Amaan the way her heart tells her to. How often does this happen that young girls, when they fall in love continue to give their spouses one chance after another & without analyzing they think they will fix everything with a magic wand. I don’t blame Ana for not dealing with this entire situation analytically & not paying heed to the clear warnings she has been getting, firstly because she is in love, secondly because after her father, she felt safe with Amaan, therefore her approach towards her husband at this stage seems realistic. There will definitely come a time when her bubble will not only be burst, but she will be shaken to the core. I also hold Meer Farooq responsible for raising Ana in such an impractical way. She comes from such an over-protective setting therefore she finds it hard to even understand that someone can hurt her. It is interesting to note that every single situation in Ye Dil Mera is interlinked. Meer Farooq is very much aware of all of his wrongdoings, he knows how cruel life & people can be, this is why he has protected Ana so much as he himself knows the harsh realities of life. Little did he know that despite all his efforts, Ana will end up with a man who resents him!

Ye Dil Mera Episode 13 Story Review - A New Beginning

It was the very first time Amaan worded his feelings for Ana. He feels sad for her because he knows he is so focused that eventually, no matter what he does, it will affect her. It was nice to know that Amaan does feel a lot for his wife, eventually he will develop strong feelings for her but then again, he is taking his time adjusting to this change in his life as well. Ana’s first interaction with Amaan as her husband was anything but ideal, but then again, despite all her fears, she immediately gave him a chance thinking he deserves it. I think from now onward, it will be interesting to see the shift in Ana’s personality & her approach towards everything because Amaan is going to be a very difficult person to deal with.

Amaan has made sure to convey his hatred to Ali Baksh. All the things he said about Ali as well as Farooq were his deliberate attempts to make Ana doubt her father. It is also Amaan’s way of testing her patience, as well as understanding how far Ana will be able to take it. Amaan’s reiteration of being Ana’s favorite & asking her again & again if he is her priority goes to show that somewhere in his heart, he also longs for validation. He is someone who has not only had a traumatic childhood experience but also has spent most of his life surrounded by loneliness, so at this point, though he may not be ready to give Ana the love she deserves, but he definitely expects a lot from her. His character is layered & has so many shades, it is definitely interesting to understand Amaanullah & his reasons. It is like a whole new chapter which comes with every single episode to explore which adds depth in the drama.

Minor Issues

Overall, this episode did not really cover much except giving a detailed introduction to the new chapter of Ana & Amaan’s life. Ahad Raza Mir’s phenomenal performance remains the strongest aspect of this drama. I am so glad that this episode only had 2 flashbacks, I guess after flashback galore named Ishq Zahe Naseeb, flashbacks have become a pet peeve of mine. The minor issues I noticed was the change in Sajal’s lipstick throughout the episode. The red lip color that she wore was far more pretty than the terracotta that she had later applied in all the other scenes as a bride. Farhana’s mention of Farooq going to Paris came as a surprise to Ana whereas when Farooq & Farhana had that conversation discussing their travelling plans, Ana was right there. Sajal Aly looked like a doll throughout the episode, however I wish the stylists had chosen better outfits for her. She has definitely rocked the office/professional attire in the initial episodes but the eastern, traditional outfits have been a little off. Farhana’s questioning did seem repetitive in this episode, because she has had the same conversation with Nargis Bua as well as Meer Farooq, however I do understand that this is the only way to show how something is not sitting well with her & she is finding it hard to accept the brief information she is getting from everyone about her sister’s death. The promo of the next episode also does not suggest a lot of development in the story but yes, Ana is now going to start reading between the lines. However, I feel the question that Ana is asking Amaan in the precap must be related to some surprise he must’ve planned for her. Let’s see. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Ye Dil Mera.

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  • Yayy, finally we get to discuss Ye Dil Mera 🎉🎉. I have just finished watching the episode, and then ur review, completely reverberated my opinion.
    Although the story didn’t move forward, it was nice to see Aina and Mir Farooq have a heart-to-heart conversation. Adnan ND Sajal share such a nice father-daughter bond, despite the fact that Farooq is the baddest boy in town!!
    Sajal looked stunning in the Mehndi scenes and even when she woke up with Ahad staring at her✨✨. I am not a big fan of romance but I have to say Sajal and Ahad have some electrifying chemistry!! They even make that clichĂ©d ” I love you” sound more romantic than it is;-)
    And yes I agree about the directional flaws. When u have used to seeing works of professional directors like Haseeb Hassan an Nadeem Baig, YDM and it’s continuity issues can be a bit of a problem. But, nevertheless, it cannot take away the charm of watching an intriguing script. Waiting anxiously how these two newlyweds woul go to Daryabad, where the story will kick off….

  • Overall I loved this epi and yes I noticed these flaws too. I really liked sajals outfits thoughh. I love the layers aman has to his character! I found it soo satisfying watching aina throw am and sorry note on his face! Ooo thats an interesting observation that’s possible! Amaan after all is very cunning.

  • Perfect review Zahra!!
    Sajal and Ahad were brilliant. Poor Aina is going to face bitter realities of her life. Amaan sent Ali Bakhsh back, calling him a ‘naukar’ while Bua was eating with them on same table. He really has some soft corner for her and I want to know why is it so.
    I think in next episode amaan is going to tell Aina about Sahira by showing her the videos he recorded and maybe the photos he got from Sahira and then she will say ‘kaum ho tum, kesay kiya tum ne ye sab’

  • Good review Zahra. Let’s not forget Noor is a serious anxiety patient. She is someone who has been suffering from PTSD for years but suddenly she can cope with so much like any person with no emotional and mental issues would. No breakdown after being mentally tortured when even the most minor of things can trigger an anxiety patient. A patient like Noor couldn’t cope with half of what she dealt with in this episode. Suddenly she has so much confidence without even taking medication. Her anxiety got better because she felt secure around Aman. It is not making sense that all these ugly sides of Aman she is seeing is not triggering her anxiety.

    Abuse from someone you trust and love greatly can trigger anxiety like nothing else. An actual anxiety patient will have a panic attack in this situation. Let us all hope this won’t be another misguided drama on mental issues like ishq zahe naseeb.

    Aman’s revenge plan makes his character shallow when it actually could have been a good plot. So we are stuck with an abusive marriage, a husband who plays mind games. Pakistani viewers have seen that a thousand times before. Writers should stop making stories with characters fighting with mental issues if they cannot do justice to them. These are serious conditions. So many people suffer with them, it is not something easily curable either. Noor’s issues are deep rooted in her mind, one man she trusts cannot change anything especially when he shows his ruthless side repeatedly. If Noor was mentally challenged or a 14 year old girl it would have made sense. What are they even showing? Expected better from this episode. They could have shown Noor’s anxiety attacks as a result of Aman’s attitude but she acted as if it was normal for a husband to leave his wife alone for hours and play piano on the night of their wedding. People who have anxiety are constantly questioning people’s motives and actions which makes them more nervous. And here we have a character whose anxiety just does not get triggered any more because she is in love. So falling in love with a toxic person makes mental diseases go away? Is that the message here. The best relationships get ruined because of mental health problems, it is not a joke but our writers have made a joke out of it.


  • As a clinical psychologist I am enraged with how mental disorders have been dealt with in the drama. Leave Ana and leave Arman. Let us all look at Meer who is a psychopath a narcissist a cold blooded murder who feels no remorse. Anyone else here who is a psychologist will agree with me that people like him do not just do not let go so easily. He did not go to see his daughter and was so easily willing to let her go because he loves her. The man is a psychopath, a psychopath cannot feel such empathy and love even for their own children. And if the writer has not shown him having these mental issues than his mass murders have been senseless. Only a psychopath can go on a killing spree and live a peaceful life. Another trait of psychopaths is that they are egoistic. Their big ego lets then live in peace after murdering and torturing people. His workable loving relationship with Ana is only possible if he had a split personality too which has not been shown. He only has one personality but with Ana he is a different person. That does not fit in. People should read about personality and mental disorders before writing dramas like this one.

    • You’re absolutely right Dr Ayesha the story line should have been researched before highlighting the mental health issues. Unfortunate mental health issues have been grown like cancer in our society and are still untreated. Like in The story they didn’t show how Aina’s Anxiety has been controlled even with the rude behaviour of Aman? Shouldn’t the conditions have become worst because of his behaviour? Can you pls comment on that as well?

      • Thank you Mrs. Adnan for your informed comment. I am surprised that this drama is being presented and accepted as a love story with viewers praising the chemistry the leading actors share. Mental health like you mentioned is a serious issue which is growing in our society. Dramas can play a pivotal role in educating the masses. This could have been done by showing the role of the psychologist in more depth instead of showing people with mental illness doing things they are literally incapable of doing. In 10 years of dealing with innumerable patients facing the most alarming circumstances I find such ill informed scripts which are a source of entertainment to be detrimental to people like us who are trying hard to educate people about mental health.

        I will talk to my colleagues and raise this issue in a platform where everyone hears us. As for your question, the issues faced by Ana stem from childhood traumas, such mental health issues are never resolved in a few days magically. It is a constant fight and such patients need proper medication. Someone in Ana’s position would instantly start showing physical symptoms of anxiety resulting from everything Aman has been putting her through. What Aman is doing is mental torture and someone who already has mental health issues cannot cope with this kind of stress. Falling in love does not cure you of mental illness, what nonsense is that? If Ana fell in love with a good man who helped her get out of her trauma with the help of professionals then it would have made sense. And that too would have taken years. What they are showing is not awareness, it is nonsense. Anyone going through these disorders could have sued these people but in Pakistan there is no one to hold them accountable.

      • But it hasn’t even been an entire day. Ana doesn’t seem like the type to break down because of one comment. Besides, Amaan hasn’t said anything that triggers her anxiety. I think they will focus on that in the later episodes though as they spend more time together.

    • I have studied psychology and I can assure you that no person who suffers from anxiety or who murders or have suicidal traits is same. A serial killer can be compassionate towards his own childern. I have seen people in real life who do frauds and are habitual liars, but they have a great cover and great family life. No one can even guess what they are for outside world. In fact they take extra care of their family, so no one can guess or doubt them. Mental health is hard to recognize coz it doesn’t follow a manual. It is only normal for Mir Farooq to show any remorse for his actions, when his near and dear ones are hurt, or someone takes direct revenge. Human psych is not so straightforward. It doesn’t go by the book.
      Same goes with Aina’s anxiety. Her anxiety have triggers. She isn’t anxious all the time. Aina has seen Amaan aggressiveness before, but she has seen him taking care of her too. He didnt judge her on her mental issues and that’s huge boost of confidence and trust for someone who is hiding her mental health from all her friends.

      • I am a practicing Clinical Psychologist for over 10 years. I am experienced enough to evaluate people’s background and characteristics. You are a student and there is a big difference between theory and practice. Anyhow I just reiterated my analysis. Not the right place for doing so. I intend to take this matter up.

        • I can understand ur concerns, Miss Ayesha about Mir Farooq. But wouldn’t it be to judgemental if we take away the right away from father to love her only daughter, even if he is having some mental issues? Love, especially fatherly love, trespasses the borders of sanity and mentality all the time.

          About the split personality thing, if u are going to say like that, aren’t all human beings dealing with the same disorder? We all show different shades of our personality depending upon the person in front of us , the situation and the feelings we feel. I’m not a psychiatrist or anything like that, but if u see from the empathetic eyes of human (though Farooq doesn’t deserve that empathy), Farooq’s relationship with Ain is understandable.

          • What did you say? Some mental issues? He murdered 3 people including a baby. He murdered his own wife and God knows what else he has done. And you say he has some mental issues, cannot digest that. Please google psychopath which all murderers are. It is a universal fact.

          • I never said that what he did is right or justified. No!! Never. But, whatever u do, human relationships donot end completely. Yes, they are INFLUENCED by such drastic events, like the bipolar attitude of Farooq , but they still can feel and experience variety of emotions.
            People with mental disorders, for heaven’s sake, are also humans. So treat them in that way!

      • This is only sensible comment in the post. I am also a writer and studied psychology too. Let me told those who are saying that this drama just attract viewers by saying that it is psychological thriller. A psychological thriller is that fiction which not only deal with mental issues, it is something which dealt with shades of a character. It can made your mind twisted, you can feel sympathy and then hatred ok same character. It is something which show situation of every character. YDM is definitely not psychological, but it is romantic thriller. Anxiety is something which is very difficult to understand, it trigger differently in every person. Ana’s anxiety always get triggered when she watch something relate to murder or violence. I have a friend with socially anxiety, she behave normally with us all time despite the fact that most people who have social anxiety can’t stand crowds and gatherings. She just get triggered when someone criticised her efforts or when they give her too much attention which disturb her privacy. It is definitely wrong to say that a serial killer can’t feely sympathesized, Human’s mind is complex. The thing is that Pakistani audience just start seeing dramas which focus on mental health (not too mainly though ) like IZN & YDM. They want everything perfect, this is just a small step toward a new genre. No doubt YDM needs a lot of correction and has many flaws but it is good watch for sure. Whoever really want a actually protrauation of serial killer, you should Korean thriller, They foucsed on their villain more and I bet that you feel sympathy for those psychopath villains. YDM is definitely need to focusbmore on Mir Farooq and Amaan too. They need to show how Ana is stuck with both of them and at the same dealing with her own fears. Writer can definitely write better and join some loopholes but it’s just a first time. There are dramas which are going without logic like Thoda as haq, MPTH, Ruswai and many more, so instead of becoming a pure cruticizer, we can become optimistic

    • That is a big issue with Pakistani plays. They attract the viewers by saying that a drama will highlight mental health issues but they are never explored properly. Sanam and Ishq Zah e Naseeb were the same. This will be another disaster from HUM. What I find most irrational is that Mir Farooq never tried to find out who Anaam’s parents were. Even at the time of nikkah he did not find out. That is nonsense. Surprised at this review which missed these big flaws.

      • But Yeh Dil Mera was NEVER advertised as a drama on mental health. It was always a psychological romantic thriller. And it is doing brilliantly as a thriller… so enjoy that instead of picking out mistakes that dont really exist in first place.

        • A thriller with more than its fair share of loop holes which are being ignored for the loved of SAHAD. All the criticism done here is justified especially about Amaan’s identity. A thriller’s story should be fool proof. I watched Ahad’s interview in which he said that this drama also covers mental health issues. What does psychological thriller mean? A thriller which deals with delusional psychological state of the characters.

  • I was reading an article on another website which made sense. At the time of nikkah the name of the father is uttered so where was Meer at the time when the nikkah was being done and the molana said you son of so and so. Something to think about! Unless he changed his identity which would be strange because he has the same birth name.

  • Gr8 review Zahra. Its a good drama with extraordinary acting by Ahad and young legend Sajal, and also Adnan has been presented very well. I like Farhat Ishtiaq dramas, so I don’t think there is any problem in writing, but direction wise, its fine not the best, it could have been better. As everyone points out, the continuity issues, and the wat suspense keeps getting revealed doesn’t bring any shock value. I find Ahson Talish to be an average director who has made only 1 gem and that’s suno chanda, otherwise his dramas usually drag, atleast this one is moving at a good pace.
    As for mental illness part, I expected Aina to really start being scared of Amaan, but anyways…maybe that will happen later. This drama is not based on highlighting any social or mental issue, so it doesn’t matter if there r faults in handling that part, as overall its just a romantic thriller and nothin more than that, reminds us of 90’s Bollywood movies.

  • I liked the drama but it is some wide gaping loopholes. Meer Farooq never even went to see Aman’s house. Someone with a mind like him must have firs checked what type of person Aman is. Marrying Aina was the easiest thing that Aman did. And as Dr. Ayesha mentioned the drama is not highlighting mental issues, it is using those issues as a commercial capital to sell that serious stuff. And not knowing where in the world Aman came from?, where he went to college etc.? How did he establish such a big company in such a short time? Is it even reasonable for a person of mid-twenties age even with money to establish the whole company or did he inherit the company. I just enjoy the drama and actors’ chemistry but some things are off putting

  • Yeh Dil Mera has a major flaw in the story without which this drama could not have progressed. Mir Farooq loves his daughter Ana so much and is so protective of her, that he has a bodyguard with her all the time. But before her wedding to Amaan he didn’t bother finding about Amaan’s family. He did not know that he shot and killed Amaan’s parents in cold blood. How could this major fact been missed by the ever protective Mir Farooq, while Amaan knows about it and marries Ana apparently to take revenge for his parents’ murder. The drama has lost its’ luster due to this major drawback.

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