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Silk By Fawad Khan Latest Collection

Fawad Khan has launched his silk collection recently. It comprises of almost all type of styles for men and women.Mainly the costumes are in the form of A-line shirts, frocks, pajamas with long shirts and kurta pajamas for men and much much more. Dresses are embellished with gold and silver beautiful work and the colors of all dresses have been chosen very intelligently too.Have a look at Silk Collection-14 by Fawad Khan :

spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-1 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-2 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-3 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-4 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-5 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-6 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-7 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-8-600x399 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-9 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-12-600x399 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-14 spring-summer-dresses-2014-silk-by-fawad-khan-16

Fawad is loved by all as far as his acting his concerned. What are your views about him being designer. Do share whether you liked the designs and color schemes or not.

P.S. It would have looked more “Power Packed” if Mahira was there with Fawad in the shoot.(Personal thought.. :P)

Rabia Basharat.