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Sindh Festival under Criticism over temporary constructions in Mohenjo daro

hairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, on 21st January addressed general public via a private channel. He urged the people to standby and guard their customs and culture. He also announced the plan for a Sindh Festival, a grand cultural festival to showcase the rich history and traditions of Sindh.

The Sindh Festival will be arranged on the archeological site of Mohenjo Daro. For this temporary construction work is already underway in Moehenjo Daro. It all came under lot of criticism when pictures of this construction went viral on social media. As per reports, a stage will be built on top of the ruins  apart from temporary seating arrangement.

Many social activists are protesting against the proposed plan, citing it will damage the historical archeological site. PTI Sindh has also issued a condemnation statement on the matter. On social media many persons have tagged on Bilawal Bhutto twitter account to register their anger, but there has been no response so far.

Have a look at some photos of ongoing construction work at Mohenjo Daro for the upcoming Sindh Festival. Pictures courtesy of BBC Urdu (Source:

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Rashid Nazir Ali

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