Ishq Mein Tere – Episode 10!

So, the episode was all about everyone’s reaction. Starting from Saad’s mother to Laiba, everyone had a fair share of reactions there which Shehryar & Aiza never expected.

After this episode I thought it would’ve been better if Shehryar had disclosed who he intended to marry, this way he would’ve saved himself & his wife from a lot of awkwardness. Laiba went overboard because she never expected to see her father marry her best friend. She on her own is right to some extent too but I am sure that even if she would try to come to terms with the fact, people around her especially Cuckoo won’t let that happen. Aiza knew how Saad would react but still she managed to rely on Shehryar for his decision of surprising everyone but no one expected Laiba to not even try to understand her father.

Of all the people I found myself giggling at Cuckoo’s reactions & especially how she called her stress-buster employee to shed off all her frustration at him for not doing his work – for not spying properly. Poor guy has to put up with so much but I think that was the funniest part of the episode. I thought Cuckoo would pack her bags & leave ASAP but seems like she has called her dibs on Shehryar way more than it was actually revealed, she still wants him & now seeing how her ego got hurt, I am sure she won’t hold back in going to extremes.

Saad obviously went meager with the news because that was the last thing he expected & just because he is too sensitive to be a guy, we saw him almost fainting. But luckily for Aiza, Saad’s mother reacted positively to their decision of getting married. She seems like a rational person who knows her place & loves taking care of everyone & so for that she not only accepted Shehryar’s decision but also congratulated him on choosing Aiza as his partner. Laiba & Shehryar’s conversation was another high point of the episode. I thought Shehryar would surrender just in order to make his daughter happy but he amazed me with whatever he said. That was definitely appreciable when he told Laiba that he is not liable to anyone without sugarcoating it & that he ain’t even answerable for the choices he makes. I think this is exactly what he had to say because if Laiba thinks she has grown up, then she needs to be treated that way for sure.

Is it just me or I think the actors playing the role of friends are bland? Laiba’s friend Maria & Saad’s friend both these actors are over-doing it, especially I think Saad’s friend overdoes his bits or may be he is soooo much into the character that he wants to put an extra 200% along with his 100% of the acting but sorry buddy, it looks overdone especially when he goes like ‘kya hua Saad, sab theek to hai na Saad, Saad, Saad, Saad, Saad, Saad, Saad, Saad, Saad’. Phew! Anyways, finally Saad’s mother heard Laiba’s little utterance & she got all excited, I am sure just like us she must’ve thought as well ‘k Oooo isay Ammi ki nahi Saad se chummy hone ki khuwahish thi’. LOL.

Well, glad this was another interesting episode & all the reactions were shown appropriately without overdoing any bit. Everyone got to share their feelings & screen time perfectly & looks like Cuckoo has some plans of her rolling as well. Can’t wait for the next episode because it would be having a lot more drama along with Shehryar & Aiza’s growing feelings for one another.

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