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Sindh Police Launched an Entertainment-cum-Crime Reporting FM Channel!


This country is really unpredictable and so are the initiatives taken in order to have a control on crimes and target killings. As per the latest news, Sindh Police has established a FM Channel with its logical frequency of 88.6 MHz. which will stay live 24/7 and will provide a medium to all the Pakistanis to get their complains registered by calling on this FM channel.

Qaim Ali Shah inaugurated this new strategy and also spoke about how this new scheme might help the millions of people in getting their problems first been noticed, then registered, and finally been catered. The channel will also entertain the audience by updating them with latest songs, traffic updates and stuff like that.

Watch video here:

Sindh Police Launches FM 88.6 Radio Station

This is certainly a strange, yet unique idea which has been implemented in Pakistan, however, the situation of Sindh calls for even better resolutions rather than something of this sort.


Let us now see what this new an FM channel has to offer to its audience.

Share your views about it please.

Nida Zaidi

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