Singer Aima Baig Performed Umrah with her Siblings

Singer Aima Baig Performed Umrah with her Siblings

The young and talented Aima Baig has put everyone in awe because of her amazing voice and gorgeous looks. It is unbelievable that such a young and dainty girl has such powerful vocals with soulful and mature voice. Aima Baig has sung songs for many hit movies including Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, Lahore Sy Agay, wrong number and many others. Aima Baig sing songs for almost all the movies now a days. Aima was last seen in PISA awards with Shahbaz Shigri. These two are seen together now a days.  Aima performed with Ali Zafar in PISA Awards on Sajna Door Terian Rawaan and stunned everyone. Aima Biag is a versatile singer and she has sung songs of all the genres including sad, classical, upbeat and romantic songs.  She has also sung Saraiki and Punjabi songs. Aima received prestigious Tamgha-e-Fakhar-e-Imtiaz award for her talent and contribution towards Pakistan Media Industry. Currently Aima Baig is in sacred city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia performing Umrah with her siblings Wajahat Ali Baig, Natasha Baig and her father. Here we have images of Aima Baig from Saudi Arabia performing Umrah. Let’s have a look at these adorable images:

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