Maya Ali Brother Afnan Qureshi’s Beautiful Clicks from Walima

Maya Ali Brother Afnan Qureshi’s Beautiful Clicks from Walima

Maya Ali’s brother Afnan Qureshi’s wedding is the most highlighted happening now a days. Pictures from the wedding are all over the internet. Maya Ali’s videos while dancing beautifully on her brother’s wedding are also seen everywhere. Maya Ali’s brother Afnan Qureshi tied the knot with Nosha Afnan  and a series of events took place including Dholki, Kawali night, Mayoun and Shendi. We have shared the details of these events with you previously. Maya Ali looked breath taking-ly beautiful on all the events of the wedding. Some celebrities were also spotted at the events. All the events were covered by Bilal Saeed photography. Walima of Maya Ali’s brother took place yesterday. It was a trendy wedding and all the latest trends were followed by the family. According to the increasing trend of day time weddings Afnan Qureshi’s walima was also a day time affair. The event was beautifully planned by Décor by Ihsan. Bride and groom Nosha and Afnan looked gorgeous together. Maya Ali also looked bewitching in white Sari by Faiza Saqalain. Here we have some pictures from the Walima ceremony of Afnan Qureshi. Let’s have a look at these adorable pictures:


Afnan Walima 1

Afnan Walima 2

Afnan Walima 3

Afnan Walima 4

Afnan Walima 5

Afnan Walima 6

Afnan Walima 7

Afnan Walima 8

Afnan Walima 9

Afnan Walima 10

Afnan Walima 11

Afnan Walima 12

Afnan Walima 13

Afnan Walima 14

Afnan Walima 15

Afnan Walima 16

Afnan Walima 17

Afnan Walima 18

Afnan Walima 19

Afnan Walima 20

Afnan Walima 21

Afnan Walima 22

Afnan Walima 23

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