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Jackson Heights


I have to admit that September Quarter proved to be much better than June Quarter. June Quarter got nothing much to offer and we were forced to watch dramas like Ahista Ahista and Izteraab. Only Laa and Marasim were good dramas to watch at that time and I am glad that they both ended up on a good note without being dragged. September 2014 Quarter on the other hand got so much to offer which will fulfil your week’s entertainment.

So what good shows are we having currently on screen?

Shanakht: My drama week brings from drama Shanakht. An extremely well written story with strong plot and this was something I expect from writers. The drama took off with an interesting pace and up till now I am thoroughly enjoying the momentum of this show. For the first time somebody finally touched a sensitive issue regarding Islamic values and how high society perceives it. This drama is currently ON-AIR on HUM-TV every Tuesday at 8.00 pm. Indeed a must watch drama.


Chup Raho: I call this drama a game of checkers. Seriously I was impressed by Samira Fazal’s Wit for the first time I hope she had not stolen anyone’s story this time. This drama is worth giving up a try. The plot is indeed bold but I want to say that same was the case with “paani jesa pyaar”. So far I am enjoying this show and Jibran Syed deserves an Oscar for his character Numair. This drama is currently ON-AIR on ARY Digital every Tuesday at 8.00 pm.

chup raho

So there is a tough competition on Tuesday on primetime slot. There is nothing much to offer on Wednesdays “tum mere hi rehna” doesn’t grasp me at all a flat story roaming around cousin’s love and marital affair so let’s jump directly on Thursday and see what do we have on prime slot.

Main Bushra: Due to direction and dialogues, this drama is worth watching. The play is based on a pity issue of a father having 7 daughters with only two bread winners in the whole family. Main Bushra play is gaining high TRPs due to the fact it is actually close to the soul of the term “Typical Drama”. This drama is indeed very much close to reality and for those who are not watching this play I will recommend it to have a go and you may like it. It is currently ON-AIR on ARY Digital every Thursday at 8.00 pm.

main bushra

Jackson Heights: After weekdays’ stress a fresh weekend begins with this fresh drama having a fresh story called Jackson Heights. So at last someone finally wrote something for Overseas Pakistanis and what problems they face while living abroad and the credit goes to Vasay Chaudhry for penning it down. I am thoroughly enjoying this show more than any shows in the whole week and every week I wait desperately for the fresh episode. The cast is amazing especially Noman Ejaz in fact now I came to know why he bags award every time. It will not be wrong to state that this drama might not be on its feet without Noman Ejaz. Sadly the drama was not promoted as it should be and it is also airing on least watched channel Urdu 1. Anyways I will strongly recommend having a go at this drama airing every Friday on Urdu 1 at 9.00 pm.


Sadqey Tumhare: People going crazy as Mahira Khan is back on screen after a self-imposed exile of two years with drama serial “Sadqey Tumhare”. First episode was really good with top notch acting by Adnan Malick. Along with a cast another plus point of this drama is that the story has been penned down by Khalil ur Rehman who had also written the super duper hit drama of 2014 “Pyaray Afzal”. Let’s wait and watch how the story will progress further. No need to recommend it as I am pretty much sure that people will watch it. The drama is being telecast on HUM-TV every Friday at 8.00 pm.

sadqey Tumhare

Moving on Saturdays to  see what we have on this day.

Firaaq: Hum Tv again snatching away all viewership from other entertainment channels from drama serial Firaaq. I can’t stop myself to praise the level of camera work and the usage of bright colours alluring the screen. The pace of this drama is extremely interesting from the first episode and especially the latest instalment (episode 6) kept my eyes glued to the screen. The drama is written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Aabis Raza. The whole cast had done an excellent job except Cybil Chaudry I have few reservations regarding her acting. It’s great to see Mazhar Ali and Uzma Gillani back on screen. The beauty of this drama is that each and every character is well portrayed and every character got a meaty role in the play. The slot of 8.00 pm is again well deserved to none other but HUM-TV.


Rung: I know that most of you are not aware of this drama and it’s probably late to recommend it as 20 episodes are gone and the drama is clinching towards its end. The drama is currently ON-AIR on HUM Sitaray every Saturday at 8.00 pm, those who are watching this play must be enjoying it. Anyways if anyone wants to watch this play you can watch it on online portal of Dramas Online.


Jab We Wed: A light play with light hearted comedy and romance. At start this play was interesting but with each latest instalment this show is slightly becoming boring, however I still love this play as there is a stir of comedy in it along with romance. This play got nothing much to offer, Faris is still on his journey with his paternal cousin Nisa to fulfil his mother’s last wish to marry one of his maternal cousin out of three. This drama is currently ON-AIR on Urdu 1 every Saturday at 8.00 pm.


Let’s move on to Sundays now.

Uff Meri Family: After watching some serious dramas there is a need for some crunchy comedy. Uff Meri Family is a visual treat to watch specially the cute chemistry between Naveen Waqar and Azfar. If you want to watch something really hilarious and mind refreshing then watch this soap every Sunday at 7.25 on Hum TV.


Digest Writer: The weekend is still not over as HUM-TV presents you with new writer Madiha Shahid’s serial Digest Writer, the consultation was done by Umera Ahmed.This is yet another different story on Sunday’s prime slot. A story of a girl Fareeda who is passionate about writing despite being objected from her family Fareeda consider writing as her craze which she cannot leave at all cost. Saba Qamar finally chose a good serial and I hope she will receive applauses for her role in this drama. First two episodes were really well executed and I am looking forward how the story will unfold in future.

digest writer

From the above the picture it is quite clear that HUM-TV is back in action leaving far behind every entertainment channel by covering the whole week almost. Last year there was a tough competition between ARY and HUM but this time HUM is a clear winner.

So what dramas are you watching currently and would you like to recommend it?