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Sohai Ali Abro Is Very Impressed By Hamayun Saeed

With the Pakistani film Industry flourishing many actors who have been playing different roles in dramas are now seen in a completely different avatar in Pakistani films. The biggest issue Pakistanis have with is the item numbers which are being performed in every other film by actresses people never thought were so modern. The Pakistani viewers also feel that item numbers a product of the Bollywood industry so they would not want to see their own stars following that path.


Every actress till now who has done these item numbers has defended them. Zhalay Sarhadi said her dance number was not an item number, Ayesha Omer said that no one was too pious that they should point fingers at others, Saba Qamar denied doing an item number and now when Sohai Ali Abro has talked about her item number in Wrong no. she also had something similar to say. Talking about her item number “Selfiyan” she said, ” It isn’t like this girl is dancing in front of random people. She is very well acquainted with the people in the house she is visiting. There is a party and that is where she performs this dance. I don’t think there is ‘family’ involved in item numbers. The clothes were not provocative and neither were the lyrics.”


When asked if Sohai had any objections with item number or that she will never do them she replied, “I won’t say anything too concrete like I will never do an item number. I am not very fond of item numbers, I would not want to be an item girl. Dance is something that is very close to me and I have been dancing ever since I was a child. When I was 7 years old I got proper dance training, my father used to take me with him.”


Sohai Ali Abro feels there is a simple way to avoid item numbers, she said, “If you don’t like item numbers, don’t watch them!”


Sohai Ali Abro also said that she is not diplomatic at all. When asked how Sohai felt about Hamza’s attitude towards not promoting Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. She said, “Hamza never wants to get personal with anyone, he is very outspoken. Hamza said that he had done this film as a favor, I feel if you are doing someone a favor or if you are someone’s friend then you should stand by them right till the end.”


“I am very impressed by Hamayun’s personality, he has no tantrums. He never made me feel like I was a newbie,” said the actress.


Talking about Hamza Ali Abbasi her other co-star in JPNA she said, “Hamza has a really nice heart, he is a sweetheart, he is a close friend of mine.”

Sohai hopes to work with Salman Khan one day. “I have been a Salman Khan fan since I was 7 or 8 years old. It was a huge deal for me that my film was released with Salman’s film Bajrangi Bhaijaan.”