Diyar-e-Dil – Episode 30!

Ohkay so, let me just start of by saying that I have never felt irritated by commercial breaks as much as I did today because the whole episode was so intense & interesting. I couldn’t wait to watch it in one go & the note at which this episode ended left me in shock too but our hero is going to be safe & I am sure of that.

This whole episode belonged to Moeez Tajjamul & his desperate attempts of getting hands on Faarah’s property. He actually played his part well because he knew the only way he could get Faarah out of that Haveli was by using Ruhina as bait & he did succeed because Faarah fell for his trap. Moeez has lost control, sanity & even the sense of thinking straight because he just wants money to run his business smoothly as he knows that Imran won’t let him live peacefully if he won’t fulfill his promise of getting him the amount they both need.

Wali on the other hand spent a sleepless night too because he couldn’t get over the fact that Faarah was feeling emotionally low. Wali obviously loves her & in fact he never stopped loving her but he himself is unable to understand whether Faarah wants to be with him for his or for Agha Jaan’s sake, that is why he is trying hard to stop himself but this time he couldn’t & when he decided to break the ice, he couldn’t believe what Ruhina told him on the phone.

Tajjamul obviously felt bad for his sister that is why he freed her from Moeez’s house arrest. Tajjamul actually was reasonable this time because he knew that Moeez had to be stopped & he was done encouraging him as now his son has crossed all the limits. Yes, it was Tajjamul & Zohra who taught him all that but at least they never intended to cause any harm to Faarah & Ruhina that is why just the thought of what Moeez was about to do with Faarah was enough for Tajjamul to get back on track.

I just loved the way Faarah took a stand for Agha Jaan & didn’t even bother what Moeez might do to her for her refusal of calling him to demand divorce & property. Moeez really was mistaken to think that Faarah would commit the same mistakes she has done in her past. He really doesn’t understand that Faarah is not the same person anymore & Agha Jaan’s love has changed everything in her that is why she even went to the extreme of being ready to face the bullet but not doing anything that would cause distress to her grandfather.

In this whole episode, what I loved the most was the way Wali & Ruhina connected. Even though I don’t care much about Ruhina but I was glad that she herself was able to witness how worried Wali was & how eager as well to save Faarah. Ruhina will also have a change of perspective because the one she loved the most shattered her trust & the one she literally hated is the one who was struggling so hard & doing everything in his might to save Ruhina’s daughter & his wife; Faarah. The softness & defeat in Ruhina’s speech showed how embarrassed & apologetic she was for misunderstanding Wali.

The way Wali took charge of the whole situation was so amazing. He knew what he had to do & he even relied on his instincts, which was so good to see. He knew Moeez was a coward that’s why he would only do something in his comfort zone but fortunately, Ruhina was there at the right time to help him get in contact with Imran. The ending scene was done so well but the whole conversation of Wali, Behroz & Faarah that echoed in the background was a masterstroke. It just lifted the whole scene & gave it a very emotional feel. I loved loved loved the fact that Wali just doesn’t take Faarah as his wife, but he also takes her as someone who was dear to his Baray Baba; Behroz, which gives him even more reasons to love her. Wali has always been like that & that’s how he has been raised by both Arjumand & Suhaib; he has been taught to respect his elders, to hold his relationships close to his heart, to give utmost priority to his family members & that is why, Wali couldn’t stop thinking about all the things that Behroz said to him about taking care of Faarah, giving a feel that Wali was holding himself responsible for not being there for her when she needed him the most & for falling short of his responsibilities. I feel this scene & the reminiscence of Behroz’s words opened a whole new window for me & refined my perspective about Wali’s character & nature a bit more.

Overall, it was a thrilling episode with on-fleek performances by each & everyone but I must say, Ahmed Zeb did complete justice to his character. He has convinced us to hate Moeez & this; I feel is his biggest achievement. His acting, his shift in expressions, his evil laughter in between his frustration & his intimidation was absolutely spot-on. I feel he carried this whole episode on his shoulders really well because it was all about Moeez this time & Ahmed Zeb was commendable. Osman Khalid Butt conveyed the fears & worry of Wali perfectly too. The way he walked in utter shock towards Moeez was the highlight of that whole scene for me, it was like he couldn’t believe what Faarah was going through & he couldn’t take it as well; it was brilliant I must say!!! Maya Ali was amazing too & I loved how she conveyed Faarah’s detest towards Moeez so clearly, she has definitely come a long way & even her slightest expressions tell the whole story accurately. I must say the director here deserves a round of applause for giving life to these characters & making it all just so very special. :)

On a lighter note, I couldn’t stop noticing ‘Masha Allah’ on the windscreen of Moeez’s car, it was funny especially because he was going to do was something so evil & negative & Masha Allah didn’t suit his situation at all. Oh, I loved loved loved the lighting in the initial scenes of the episode, it was so soothing & such a visual treat. Loved the whole episode & can’t wait to see what more do they have in store for us. I am just hoping that before they finish the drama off, they give enough screen-time to Faarah & Wali’s relation because till now they have only loved & respected each other based on the fact how they both took care of others around them, but I would love to see what is it about both of them that made them fall in love with each other. Please share your beautiful thoughts about this beautiful episode of Diyar-e-Dil. :)

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