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Sonam Kapoor Won’t Come To Pakistan To Promote “Khoobsurat”

Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan are on a world tour nowadays to promote their upcoming Bollywood venture “Khoobsurat”. Sonam Kapoor however will not be able to come to Pakistan to promote Khoobsurat because according to the Indian newspaper The Times of India “”prior work commitments will keep actress Sonam Kapoor away from the promotion of her forthcoming film in Pakistan.”



Sonam Kapoor however is going to try her best to promote her film in Pakistan by giving as many interviews to Pakistani media as possible and also by recording a video message. “I was going to Pakistan [earlier]. But [now] I am recording a message and I am doing as much [interviews with] Pakistani media as I can to promote the film,” said Sonam while talking to Times Of India.

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