SSG Reunion In Ehd E Wafa Is Making Pakistanis Miss Their Friends

Finally Ehd E Wafa brought the episode that everybody had been excitedly waiting for. Although this week’s episode had Saad and Dua finally tying the knot, what excited Pakistan more was the SSG reunion. The boys are now back together as friends and no matter how ominous the upcoming episodes appear to be, this week’s episode was all about friends and the power of friendship.

SSG Reunion in Ehd E Wafa’s latest episode has made the entire Pakistan emotional as majority of people are missing their friends and realizing the value of true friendship.

Check out these reactions from social media below to see how Ehd E Wafa’s latest episode is making Pakistanis miss their friends;

And that’s not it. Along with the friendship and the bonding shown, some people couldn’t help but praise how the four actors were absolutely natural with their chemistry as friends. Osman Khalid Butt, Wahaj Ali, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Ahad Raza Mir have done absolutely wonderful in their respective characters in Ehd E Wafa.