Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

There is no denying the fact that Pakistani drama industry is blessed with the best. There is no dearth of talent when it comes to acting but there are always times when some actors fail to give good performances. No one can be at their best all the time but viewers expect better from actors who have given some brilliant performances in the past. While these actors are really good performers otherwise, there are always those instances when they either overact or fail to breathe life into their characters. In an attempt to be ‘different’ these actors tend to give performances which are simply the worst. A script of course makes a huge difference but sometimes an average written character too can become likable if the actor performing the role gives a good performance.

Unfortunately, some of the biggest actors recently gave worst performances. Here is the list of those Pakistani actors who gave the worst performances in the recent dramas.

Natasha Hussain (Ye Dil Mera)

Natasha Hussain is a well-known model who made her comeback in dramas with the play Ye Dil Mera. Ye Dil Mera is a popular play with some big names attached to it. Natasha Hussain is playing the role of Farhana Khala, a sister, wife and khala whose role is limited but crucial to the plot. Farhana Khala all of a sudden is shown being highly inquisitive about her sister’s death and that is when the viewers repeatedly got to see scenes covering her curious mind. Natasha Hussain’s character itself doesn’t have a lot to offer but her performance makes it even more annoying. From her outlook to her expressions, everything is all over the place! You would expect better from someone who has had so much exposure in the industry. Natasha Hussain has taken Farhana Khala’s curiosity to a whole new level with her exaggerated expressions. She has tried too hard to show Farhana’s puzzling state of mind and has ended up leaving the viewers puzzled whether they should watch her scenes or just forward them! Natasha Hussain is also seen wearing more make-up than necessary in all the scenes and it does not even look like it has been done by a professional. She could have kept her look casual and stylish at the same time but that has definitely not been the case. In most of the scenes she has dressed up like a teenager which does not help! Did Natasha Hussain think she needed to show that she could still pull of the looks Sajal Ali is sporting in the drama, even at this age?! It certainly seems like it!

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Osman Khalid Butt (Ehd-e-Wafa)

Osman Khalid Butt is a really popular actor who has been part of some of the biggest dramas recently. While Osman Khalid Butt does wonders when he is playing a fun or comic character, he cannot act to save his life in the more serious roles. Ehd-e-Wafa has some really powerful performances to its credit by young and old actors therefore Osman Khalid Butt’s wooden acting stands out like a sore thumb. More than 20 episodes of Ehd-e-Wafa have gone on air till now and out of all these episodes, Osman Khalid Butt has acted well only in few scenes. His long hair right from the beginning were distracting and he looked older than all the other boys. Once his character Shahzain went back to his village and he had to play the role of a spoiled feudal, he did not fit into it at all! He either had no expressions or way too many expressions, basically his acting has been anything but effortless. Since he got more screen time than all the other leading actors for many weeks, his bad performance stood out even more. Out of all the boys playing the lead in the drama, Osman Khalid Butt’s performance has been most disappointing. Osman Khalid Butt has once again proved that he lacks versatility and he can do only certain type of characters. When he has to do more serious roles, he completely loses track and the viewers find it really difficult to relate to his track. Osman Khalid Butt should stick to doing light and comic roles since he clearly cannot do serious acting.

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Hira Mani (Mere Pass Tum Ho)

Hira Mani has earned a lot of fan following in the past few years. She also takes pride in the fact that she is the only actress who managed to make such a big name for herself even though she joined the drama industry after she got married and was already a mother. In Mere Pass Tum Ho Hira Mani joined the drama late as Rumi’s teacher Hania. Right from her first scene Hira Mani failed to bring out the best side of her character. Her overall look was another factor which made it difficult for the viewers to take her character as a teacher seriously. This character did not need any kind of glamour yet Hira Mani’s revealing sarees made the viewers wonder what she was thinking while choosing her wardrobe. Hania’s character was tricky and it had many shades. Unfortunately, the only shade which Hira Mani truly nailed was that of being a judgmental outsider. She completely failed to portray the loving and sensitive side of her character properly on screen. Hira Mani is another actress who has the same expressions no matter what role she is playing. She also tends to overdo the ‘cuteness’ whether the role demands it or not. Hania’s character could have been far more graceful if Hira Mani was less of herself and more of the character she was playing.

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Irsa Ghazal (Ruswai)

Irsa Ghazal is a phenomenal actress but her acting in Ruswai is the perfect example of overacting which literally gets on your nerves right from her very first appearance. Irsa Ghazal plays the role of Salma, who is the mother of main lead Salman. She is a materialistic and controlling rich woman with absolutely no class. Thanks to Irsa Ghazal’s pathetic acting in the drama the ‘no class’ element of her character stands out more than anything else. Irsa Ghazal did not have to try so hard to make people hate her character but she did and in turn ended up being terribly annoying. Saba Faisal and Saba Hameed have been seen playing similar roles in dramas often and they managed to be negative without being extremely annoying like Irsa Ghazal. Irsa Ghazal has tried harder than necessary to play the vamp with her over exaggerated body language and a weird manner of talking which does not go well with her character. Salma has been shown as an educated yet shallow woman but Irsa Ghazal’s portrayal is such that Salma comes across as an annoying wannabe. Her acting makes you wonder why someone like Ariz Khan got married to her in the first place. In order to look fake, Irsa Ghazal has seriously compromised on her acting. We expected better from her since she is such a good actress otherwise.

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Imran Ashraf (Kahin Deep Jalay)

Imran Ashraf recently gave the best performance of his career as Bhola. Ever since Ranjha Ranjha ended, it seems like Imran Ashraf has been trying extra hard to re-introduce himself as the ‘hero’ although he himself has said that he wants to redefine the term hero! That is why he has been concentrating on his overall look more than ever in dramas now and is trying hard to look different than he did in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. While we absolutely loved Imran Ashraf in so many dramas because he is such a daring and brilliant actor, he completely failed to deliver in the play Kahin Deep Jalay. Imran Ashraf is playing a negative character in the play with the utmost bechargi! People are finding his scenes comic because of the expressions and the overall acting. There are others who think that he is trying too hard to walk away from Bhola and hence losing his grip on acting.

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Sanam Jung (Mein Na Janoo)

After hosting morning shows for so many years, Sanam Jung surely needed to do a crash course in acting before taking up a new project. Sanam Jung plays a character which is incredibly annoying in Mein Na Janoo and she has made sure that her portrayal is even more annoying! Sanam Jung has clearly concentrated more on her make-up, hair and dresses than she has on her acting. Even though Saira’s character itself is quiet lame but Sanam Jung has made it even more so by nailing the bechargi and overdoing it even in situations where she is shown as a relatively stronger individual. Even when Saira tells her mother to take a stand in so many scenes or when she is re-assuring her husband of her love, Sanam Jung still does not change her expressions. Even while uttering dialogues which show Saira’s strength, Sanam Jung makes sure she looks like the most victimized person on earth. Sanam Jung’s expressions and her hairstyle are two things which have stayed the same no matter what her character went through! She has sported similar looks and expressions all through the drama which has been enough to put the viewers to sleep.

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Firdous Jamal (Thora Sa Haq)

It is definitely ironic that an actor like Firdous Jamal who is so experienced and has given so many impressive performances is all of a sudden overacting in the play Thora Sa Haq. Firdous Jamal’s character in the play is simple and it could even be quite likable yet his acting has been over-the-top right from the start. His portrayal is a serious case of too many expressions and trying too hard. Why would a seasoned actor like him do something like that? We can only wonder! Watching Firdous Jamal’s scenes in Thora Sa Haq is tormenting because his overacting is simply unbearable. Even some of the younger actors are giving a far better performance than him. Even though the character he is playing in the drama has taken a positive turn but Firdoud Jamal’s performance continues to be as exaggerated as it has been right from the first episode.

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

Parveen (Mera Dil Mera Dushman)

The actor playing Parveen’s role in Mera Dil Mera Dushman seems to be really impressed by the star plus negative characters since she has been giving the most evil and conniving expressions even when there is no need to do so. We are pretty sure she watched all those mother-in-laws in star plus plays who love putting their bahus through hell and then reenacted those performances in this one play. The way her eyes pop out and the manner in which she rolls those eyes is just plain hilarious although her role is definitely not comic. This is what happens when you take the evil side of your character more seriously than necessary!

Worst Performances of Pakistani Actors In Recent Dramas

There is one thing common between all these actors, all of them failed to portray different shades of their characters and only focused on one shade. These performances basically prove just how important it is for actors to understand their characters and not try too hard while portraying them on screen.

Which performances in the recent dramas do you think were the worst? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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