Sushmita Sen recites Surat Al Asar

It is no secret that the flawlessly beautiful Miss World 1994 winner Sushmita Sen is multitalented. Her beauty and brains remain unmatched among Indian celebrities, even more than a decade later. A women of substance, Sushmita flows through life so confidently and certainly that you cannot help being awed by her.

She is a philanthropist and a big advocate of uplifting the underprivileged. Her two adopted daughters started their lives in orphanages but have been thriving in her care now.

As if these qualities were not enough, she mesmerised a whole auditorium and millions on television when she wished a happy and blessed eid to all Muslim worldwide and then recited Surat Al Asar so perfectly and so eloquently that it was nothing short of magical. After recitation, she explained it’s meaning in English and then emphasised that whoever does have patience, truly never loses any battle in this world.

When asked how she knew so much about Islam, she explained in her particular confident and smiling tone that she loves these verses and their meanings and that her favourite time of the day is of morning Azan because it makes her feel so peaceful.

There was an ethereal quality to her voice during Quranic recitation, and for a Hindu film actress and model to know the Arabic verses and their English translation can only be called a miracle of Quran because it affects hearts in ways that are incomprehensible to human mind. May she be blessed for trying to understand Quran and may this journey which brings her peace continue forever.

Mehwish Mansoor