Syed Jibran with his Family at Amal Birthday

Syed Jibran with his family were spotted at Amal’s first birthday party arranged by their parents at fun place so everyone could enjoy beautiful memories from their childhood and kids could make beautiful memories to cherish in their future.

Aiman and Muneeb wanted all their friends and colleagues to be a part of their daughter’s first grand event and therefore, almost all Pakistani celebrities were seen enjoying at the party. Syed Jibran and Afifa Jibran are proud parents of four kids and all had fun riding and playing different games.

Scroll down to check out beautiful pictures of Syed Jibran and his family from Amal’s birthday party.

Syed Jibran 1

Syed Jibran 2

Syed Jibran 3

Syed Jibran 4

Syed Jibran 5

Syed Jibran 6

Syed Jibran 7

Syed Jibran 8


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