Syed Noor aims to bring forward Aina 2 with a different angle

Syed Noor is coming up with a new film and he has finally confirmed Shabnam and Nadeem Baig as the cast members in Aina 2.

Nadeem talked about his plans for the film with Dawn Images:

“Shabnam Sahiba is back and we welcome her. I met her a few times, when I was on shoots in Karachi, we also met at Nadeem Sab’s home. We all ended up discussing Aina 2 there. We got an old producer friend on board. We felt that this must happen and I want to make it with Shabnam Sahiba and Nadeem Sab.”

The experienced director aims to bring this film forward with a different angle as he said:

“The film shows a later stage in life and we’re hoping to incorporate some flashbacks and introduce new actors.”

Syed Noor also hopes that this film leaves a positive impact on the Pakistani film industry as he said:

“We want to bring back dignified films to the Pakistan film industry so that our new generations can learn from it all. Maybe we’ll be able to bring new and improved entertainment to Pakistan.”

The dates for the movie haven’t been announced yet. Stay tuned to for more updates!