Syra Shahroz Got Trolled For Her Makeup

Beauty standards in Pakistan are very well defined and no one likes to deviate from them. We here are an extremely complexion conscious nation who have standard notions for face shapes, figures and what not. The advent of social media has also increased the negativity regarding looks. People point out and make fun of even of the smallest difference from their set standards.

Recently, Syra Shahroz has become a victim of this. She has modelled for a brand for which she was opting for a look which will make her look more like the native women of the northern areas of Pakistan. Syra posted a picture from the shoot on her Instagram and people just lost. Syra was so disappointed that she finally had to point out the unnecessary negativity people were causing under her post. This is the picture and Syra’s shocked reaction to it:

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People online were ruthless and the comments were totally unwarranted for. Yes, you can always disagree with a certain makeup trend going on but commenting on someone mindlessly and bullying them online is not acceptable. Here are some comments people were posting on Syra’s picture:

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Pakeeza Dar