T2f to revive Urdu Poetry in Karachi

T2F in Karachi had a two day event to celebrate the launch of its bookstore. The final day saw young poets sharing their poetry with the audience.

The event was titled,‘Urdu ki Nayee Avazain ’, a mushaira of emerging Urdu poets was organised where young poets, Urooj Zehra, Asad Alvi, Arif Ishtiaq, Hira Saeed and Shaheer Salal, recited poems in tarranum.

T2F has a project called revival of Urdu Poetry initiative, ‘Urdu ki Nayee Avazain’ is a part of it.

While speaking about the project, T2F director Ellia Khan said the project was aimed to introduce young and emerging poets in the city.

The verses were about different topics such as unrequited love, heartbreak, feminism and coming of age.

The poets were as young as even 17 years old.

Themes like new cultures, internal struggles, unrequited love and breaking gender stereotypes were covered by the poets.

All in all, such literary and cultural efforts by T2f should be lauded and promoted in our society.