Yeh Raha Dil Episode 05 Review – Entertaining!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was quite interesting & like always, I had a great time watching it. I think the way they are taking the story forward is quite convincing & I enjoyed watching Hayat & Zaki’s bonding. It is commendable that the director didn’t rely too much on the beauty of Nepal & has used it as a backdrop while maintaining the focus on Hayat & Zaki’s characters & their track. It is far more interesting to see that Hayat & Zaki are bonding with each other in a new place as they both have no one else to have a conversation with because now when they will go back to Pakistan, I don’t think them not being in Nepal would make any difference to the story. I think this is a perfect & an intelligent way to use a location or a different country by keeping it in the background & not making it a focal point of the episode, the story or the drama!

So, Zaki felt he needed to take Hayat to the hospital out of courtesy as he saw her fainting in front of him. After that, Zaki had no escape because he showed Hayat the signs that he was ready to be her friend, at least this is what Hayat assumed even if Zaki wasn’t in the mood for that as she is someone who is unapologetically clingy & doesn’t mind bothering someone if she grows comfortable around them. It was nice to see Hayat & Zaki sharing conversations about different things. Zaki for the first time got to realize that Hayat was in a grave situation where she was unable to contact her friend & was complaining about little things that were bothering her. Yes, Zaki’s gesture of paying the hospital bills & not telling about it to Hayat was quite sweet & then gifting her a new phone just so that he could help her in some way went to show that he was now realizing that Hayat was quite dignified where she never once tried to use these things to seek sympathy from of him, rather she only posed that she needed his support as she was alone.

For the first time Hayat showed Zaki that side of hers which she till date has probably shown to Salman, but luckily the difference is that Salman used that to benefit himself whereas Zaki is not going to use it against her because he already has grown a little compassionate towards her & also because he is genuinely a nice guy who comes from a very decent family background. Hayat decided to share her past with Zaki by telling her about the ugly divorce that her parents went through. Her mother is no more & she has no idea where her father is & she most certainly doesn’t bother because obviously, she must have all her sympathies & all her feelings attached to her mother as she must’ve seen her struggling & doing everything for Hayat, whereas her father after divorcing his wife forgot that he had a child which he should maintain a relationship with despite not being married to Hayat’s mother any more. I find it quite admirable that a young girl like Hayat who comes from a broken family & has already lost her only parent, is so full of life & isn’t scared of anything. Yes, Hayat does have her moments where she feels lonely & vulnerable but then again, she knows how to pick herself up & face the world.

Jimmy is creating one issue after another for Nida & Zaki because obviously, he knows what Nida’s worth & Jimmy already thinks it is ridiculous that Nida is ready to toss her career away for a guy like Zaki. Just because Jimmy told Zaki a different version, Zaki chose to believe that immediately & changed his plans of going back to Pakistan, I think this explained a lot about Zaki’s personality & his indecisiveness. Zaki is someone who can be easily manipulated into believing something because he doesn’t put his mind through to analyze the situation himself, which makes him look a little gullible & also makes me feel that he allows people to cloud his judgments easily. May be this is why I feel that Zaki is just infatuated with Nida but just because she has told him that he loves her, he is believing her without putting much thought into the fact whether he actually loves her or not.

It was good to see Hayat doing some much needed counselling of Zaki where she was telling him about her philosophy of love & how it actually should be because everything that Hayat said to Zaki about the way Nida was treating him or their relationship was spot on. Zaki is burdened by this love & he doesn’t understand. Zaki trusts Nida completely even after she is into such a career which can make a partner insecure so similarly, Nida should trust Zaki too but she chooses not to, which shows that may be she is insecure or may be she thinks Zaki is not a man of his word who’d stand by his decision of marrying her, like may be Nida thinks Zaki is emotionally quite weak & like I said, he can get manipulated? Nida might not say it but the things that Haroon told her about Zaki are definitely on her mind that is why she has grown a lot more restless & insecure about her relationship with Zaki & also about Zaki as her partner in general!

I had a good laugh at the conversation that Nida & Hayat shared, like Nida didn’t know who she was dealing with because Hayat is someone who has to give it back to the one who insults her, without even worrying about the consequences. All this while, Zaki was telling her about all the problems that he was facing because of Hayat & she ended up adding more fuel to the fire just because she was furious & wanted to give Nida a hard time. I am sure Hayat & Zaki’s friendship will hit the rock bottom because Zaki already seemed quite shocked at his mother’s phone call & after he learnt the truth about what Hayat actually said to Nida!

Overall, this episode was entertaining & well-directed. I love the fact that all the characters are quite real & no one is completely black or white, like even though Nida might look like a difficult person to deal with but then again, she seems realistic because this is how usually girls who are insecure react. The dialogues were quite amusing too, I had a good laugh at ‘Haleem aur Nihari ka bhi pooch lo’ & seriously the way Hayat tried to explain what ‘waara’ actually meant but she didn’t know how to describe it was something that I could personally relate to because this is the word that I use as well but struggled really hard when once I had to explain the meaning behind it, lol! Yumna Zaidi, Ahmed Ali & Anum Gohar, all three have done a marvelous job. Adnan Jaffer is another strong performer & has added so much humor to the drama. I can’t wait for the next episode already, please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil!

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