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Another Period Drama Ready To Hit The Screens

We all agree that Aangan was hands down the most anticipated drama of the year. People were waiting for it since the day it was announced, all thanks to a huge ensemble cast and Udaari’s director Mohammad Ehtashamuddin in the

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Zara Noor Abbas Pays Tribute To Mother Asma Abbas

Zara Noor Abbas comes from a very talented family. Her mother and aunts all have made a mark in the industry with their versatility and talent. Zara has just joined the industry and is all already making a place for

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Pakistani Actors Who Rely Too Much On Make-up in Dramas

It won’t be wrong to say that the other name for show business is glam world. The celebrities who are a part of this glam world believe in looking after themselves and rely heavily on makeup. As a matter of

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Asma Abbas Shares How She Is Abused On Social Media For The Most Illogical Reason

“Freedom of speech” is entertained very badly now a days especially on social media. People literally consider showbiz artists as public property. They consider themselves privileged to be rude, say abusive things and they don’t even think for one second

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