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Aisha Khan’s First Picture After Her Marriage

Aisha Khan announced that she was no longer going to be a part of showbiz after she gets married. After ruling the world of showbiz for almost 2 decades, Aisha Khan bid farewell to it and left many fans sad.

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Aisha Khan Looks Lovely On Her Mayun And Mehndi

Aisha Khan has been in news recently for announcing that she wants to take a break from her showbiz career that spans decades, and then she introduced her fiancé Major Uqbah Khan to the world. Things are moving real quick

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Ayesha Khan Is Engaged!

Ayesha Khan is one of the finest actresses of our industry. Recently she announced her acquittal from the media industry and now she has shared her big news with the fans. Ayesha is engaged now and her fiance is Major

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Ayesha Khan Quits Showbiz Industry!

It came as a shock to all fans and colleagues when Ayesha Khan, one of the top line actresses of Pakistan Showbiz Industry announced her departure from the industry. Since her very first drama, Ayesha has been a very successful

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Strong Female Characters Of Our Dramas

Long gone are the days when females were casted into dramas and movies because the man needed a prop. Slowly but gradually the whole world has taken a feminist approach in entertainment business, just like many other businesses and our

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After Ali Zafar, Fan Interviews Three More Stars on Twitter!

What it is that they say? Always dream big! By now, Hira Haider must surely agree! Why? In case you missed our news regarding Ali Zafar fulfilling the dreams of one his fans, let us do a quick recap for

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