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Nadia Jamil Was Not Feeling Well

Nadia Jamil is an artist as well as a philanthropist. The actress has always worked to raise awareness for justice and helping those who are in need of help. Nadia Jamil has suffered from seizures and has had health issues for years

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Nadia Jamil Reveals Fawad Khan’s Caring Side

Nadia Jamil is an activist as well as an actress. We have always loved her and she has always been very open about her health and life. The actress recently had a health scare. She was on a flight where

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Nadia Jamil Speaks Up About The Sexual Abuse She Faced

Nadia Jamil is one of a kind. Calling herself by the name Nadia Jamil Lahori, a proud paindoo on her social media handles, she is a fighter, a survivor and a helper. She is an actress, a mother, a teacher,

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